HCG Phase


Have you been cheating on your HCG diet? Or you find hard to seek for ways to correct it? Cheating brings total damage in the weight loss. The correction or cleansing day must not be hard to do. The 3-day cleansing works safely and effectively in getting back on track of the diet. This can help every dieter ho finds hard in getting back to the HCG diet track. The 3-day cleansing can also help in claiming back the weight loss goal.

What is the purpose of the 3-day cleansing?

It is better to fix a cheat than to go back to the start. The 3-day cleansing will help in detoxifying the body. It will clean the body from all the unwanted fats and other chemicals. It will help in cleaning the body from all the foods that are been eaten. Cleansing will help the body to prepare for the HCG diet hormones. The 3-day cleansing can also help in losing extra pounds. It will take off harmful toxins that came from the foods that you have been eating. One way of cleansing is to eat natural foods. The organic and fresh foods that are allowed in the HCG diet must be back in the meal. Changing the way you eat is also a part of cleansing. Stay away from all your cravings such as salty foods. Change the way you taste foods so that you will no longer crave.

Be organized in planning and cooking your meals. Do not allow any food or ingredients that are not allowed in the HCG diet. It will help you adjust to the process of the HCG diet. Stop adding any condiments or sauces into your meal. If you want an additional flavor, you can sprinkle fresh herbs and ingredients to your food. Lemon can also be added into your food as a substitute to sauces. Take away all the carbohydrates in your meal. You will not lose weight unless you take off the carbs and sugar. Stay away from starchy foods. You can have lean protein. You can also have raw or steamed veggies in your meal serving.

Eat fresh fruits instead of eating sweet foods that carry a large amount of sugar. Do not drink alcoholic drinks or even diet drinks. You are only allowed to have coffee, tea or water. Stay hydrated so that the toxins will be pushed out from the body. The 3-day cleansing will help your body reset according to the process of the HCG diet.

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