HCG Phase


The hormone that is used in HCG is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a safe and effective aid for weight loss. This is taken from the placenta during pregnancy. It supports the development of the fetus. This provides energy in the developing fetus. It several clinical used. This is used for weight in a loss in many years. It plays a major role in pregnant women and the survival of the fetus. This is also used to treat infertility to both men and women.

HCG can do the releasing of fat reserves. Sit makes sure that the embryo has enough nutrition. This maintains the health of the fetus in a long period of time. HCG is proven to be an effective aid in weight loss. It also works and does important things in the body. It makes weight loss faster. This is accompanied by a very low-calorie diet. The purpose of the VLCD is to allow the body to reset. HCG hormones reduce the appetite and maintain the well-being of a person. The HCG diet is done by taking off sugar, fats, and starches in the meal.

Any other things that are out in the protocol can ruin the diet. Make sure that you did what the protocol says. There are things that can delay weight loss or may cause stalls. The protocol of Dr. Simeons is carefully made for rapid weight loss. It can help obese and overweight to lose weight rapidly. It will reset the metabolism into normal. This is the reason why each dieter does not feel hunger even in the VLCD. It corrects the function of the brain including the appetite. It controls the mood, temperature, and production of hormones. The result of weight loss every day can motivate a dieter to make until the end.

HCG diet hormones are natural hormones. It is safe and effective. It works best if the protocol is followed strictly. The 500 calorie meal plan includes fruits, veggies, and protein choices. The food portioning is done by weighing the food before cooking. Here are more tips in doing the HCG diet:

  • Load on healthy fats in the loading days
  • Do not cheat or go beyond 500 calories in Phase 2
  • Do not skip meals and Phases of the HCG diet
  • You cannot do VLCD without the HCG diet hormones
  • Stay hydrated—drinks coffee, tea, and water
  • Be aware of cosmetics and other things
  • Make sure to weight every day as soon as you wake up
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