Phase 3 is when your brain which is assigned for the metabolic function is resetting again. It controls your metabolic rate among other things. This is the moment where your body will adjust again to adding more food choices. Introducing more foods during this phase must be done gradually. The gradual loading will help your body adjust from VLCD.

You are still not allowed to load on carbs or sugar during phase 3. This is because you are still stabilizing your weight loss. However, phase 3 is not anymore about losing more weight. This is about maintaining your weight loss while gradually adding more foods. The stabilization phase is also the time that your body will be clearing out from HCG.

Congratulate yourself because you are now free from the very low-calorie diet. It does not mean that you are allowed to eat as much food as you want. You still have to continue the proper food portioning as well as controlling your intake of calories. Phase 3 is a bit challenging because you will gain weight if you go wrong with loading. You will not be doing the 500 calorie intake per day in this phase. However, you continue to load on healthy calories and control it.

Phase 4, on the other hand, is the last phase of the HCG diet. This is known as the lifetime phase because you will be maintaining your weight loss for the rest of your life. Phase 4 is when you finally dropped all your excess weight. You will be maintaining your weight loss, healthy lifestyle and habits for the rest of your life. It can help you stay healthy and enjoy a disease-free life longer.

Phase 4 is when your weight settles and you are free to add back sugar and carbs. This is normally when a mental game takes place. Things such as eating unhealthy foods when bored or binge eating may come. However, you must know how to deal with food cravings and hunger healthily. Phase 4 is when you change your whole perception of food. You will not see it the same way as you were before the HCG diet.

What are the foods you can gradually add on P3 of the HCG diet?

  • Bacon, beef meat, all cuts of lean pork meat and turkey meat
  • Sausage, ground beef, lamb and ham
  • Liver, Bass, fishes, clams, mussels, and oysters
  • Squid, salmon, sardines, tuna, and trout
  • Nuts such as almonds, cashew nut, pine nuts and peanuts
  • Pistachios, tofu, soy and bamboo shoots
  • Broccoli, Brussels, eggplant, and cauliflower
  • Green beans, pepper, pickles, pumpkin, and radishes
  • Apricots, cantaloupe, cranberries, and figs
  • Kiwi, limes, lemons, peaches, pears, and plums

This is not the complete list of P3 foods. For better reference check your HCG diet food list. Enjoy adding back more foods in your diet. However, do not go beyond the limit. It is better to create a meal plan having 600 to 800 calories per day during the first week of your Phase 3. This is to help you in balancing calories in the stabilization phase. You are free to do the apple day or steak day whenever you gain or stall your weight.

Phase 4 as the “Lifestyle Plan” on the HCG diet

After completing the first 3 phases of the HCG diet it is your time to step to the last phase. You get to add back variety of things and foods during the lifestyle plan. Phase 4 is called a lifestyle plan because this serves as a blueprint of who you will for the rest of your life. Keep your momentum on your weight loss. Control your appetite towards appealing foods such as burgers, pasta, chips, and pastries. This is because you can still gain back your weight if you go back to your unhealthy lifestyle.

What are the foods you can eat back during P4 of the HCG diet?

You can add any food you want as long as it does not harm your health. You can go back to eating real foods. One thing you can do is to introduce healthy carbs and a minimal amount of sugar. You have to effectively control your intake of foods to finally be free from extra weights. Introduce healthy carbs choices such as boiled potatoes, brown rice, and oatmeal.

What are healthy carbs?

The healthy carbs are the carbs you can get from healthy food choices. You can get carbs from some vegetable choices. Healthy carbs supply the energy you can use for your daily activities. It supplies energy to refuel the functions of your brain, heart, kidney as well as your central nervous system. There are also fibers in the vegetable that acts as carbs to aid digestion and helps you stay full.

The healthy carbs you can enjoy in maintaining your weight loss goal?

  • Brown rice- this is considered as whole grain and it has fiber that controls the cholesterol in your body. It also helps in flushing out waste through your digestive tract. Brown rice as well promotes fullness and prevents the formation of a blood clot. It has also lower glycemic index compared to the white rice. This is also helpful for the better functioning of your cardiovascular health.
  • Boiled potatoes- It has a high level of antioxidants and other healthy compounds. Boiled potatoes promote maintenance of your sugar levels. It can also improve and maintain the health of your digestive system. This is naturally free from gluten and it is incredibly filling. Boiled potatoes can lower the cholesterol level in your blood and maintains proper blood flow.
  • Quinoa- This is a healthy carb option and it has higher levels of protein. Quinoa is one of the sources of essential amino acids. This is also high in fiber which aids in digestion. Quinoa is also rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B.
  • Oats/ Oatmeal- This is rich in antioxidant and contains a powerful soluble fiber called beta-glucan. It lowers your cholesterol levels and helps you maintain your weight loss. Oats can also improve your blood sugar and it is also filling.
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