HCG diet does not require you to do exercise, especially during the VLCD. However, you are still allowed as long as it does not affect the work of the hormone in burning your fats.  Having the right exercise routine can help you burn extra calories and maintain your muscle during the HCG diet. Exercising is to maintain fitness and improve health. However, if it is done too much it may not help in weight loss at all.

Exercising during the second phase of the HCG is less important. It is because you can just lose weight even without any exercise routine. This is just allowed to be able to condition your body especially your cardiovascular health. Exercising as well improves flexibility, coordination, and lowers your blood cholesterol level. You can do this as long as you are not tired or hungry.

How does the HCG work in your body during the VLCD?

VLCD limits your intake of calories to 500 daily. It is done along with the constant shot of HCG to be able to promote weight loss. As the VLCD starts, the HCG will reset a certain region of your brain to boost fat metabolism. Your body fats will be burned rapidly and the HCG will convert it into energy for your body to use for your daily activities. You will not need more calories during this phase. The HCG will also protect the leanness of your muscle as it burns the fats in the hard to reach areas of your body.

Precaution in starting an exercise routine on P2 of the HCG diet

You have to make sure that your physician has evaluated you before starting the HCG diet. It must be upon the signal of your doctor if you can add an exercise routine on VLCD or not. Phase 2 id a low-calorie intake and your energy supply might be just enough for your daily activities. Having an exercise routine needs preparation and proper guidance especially when it is your first time on the HCG diet. Before starting any exercise routine you have to make sure that you do not have any underlying conditions.

When is exercise permitted during the HCG diet?

You can do your exercise routine when you know that your body can handle extra activities even in the low-calorie intake. Exercising is permitted anytime as long as it does not affect your stress levels. You are allowed to have at least 10 to 15 minutes of exercise time during the VLCD. You can do it 3 to 4 times each week.

When is the time to stop your exercise routine?

You have to quit your exercise routine when you feel other symptoms such as extreme tiredness. Discontinue exercising when you experience dehydration, high-stress level, and occurrence of hunger or cravings. Make sure that you have enough energy and strength to maintain your exercise routine. Stop if you feel uncomfortable or if it affects the work of HCG in burning your body fats.

What are the allowed exercises during the P2 of the HCG diet?

  • Yoga – Yoga can increase your flexibility. It is one of the safest exercise routines you can do during the VLCD. Doing yoga allows relaxation, strengthening of the muscle and you can also sweat but not too much. Yoga is good for cardio and circulatory health.  It can also boost your focus especially when you are following the HCG diet protocol.
  • Walking– This exercise routine can cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness. It can exercise breathing and improve balance. Walking as well can lower your risk of having hypertension, and muscular pain. It can also help the HCG in burning extra calories.
  • Chair dips– Chair dips will work out your core and thigh areas. It maintains muscle strength as the HCG targets these hard to reach areas. To do this you have to sit on the edge of the chair. Keep your knees bent and feet flat on the surface. Place your hands about apart and firmly grip the chair’s edges. Keep your body pointing on the floor as you slid off the chair. Work on your triceps by bending your elbow and lower body. Push yourself back up once your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Squats- Squatting can tone your hips and butt. To do this you have to stand at the width of your hips. Bend your knees and lower your back as you slowly come down. You do this as if you are sitting on a chair. When your knees will reach 90 degrees you have to stop and start rising slowly until you return on standing position.
  • Push-ups- This is a familiar exercise. To do this you just simply keep your body straight.  Align your body properly and keep your stomach tight.
  • Planking– Get into a position like you are doing push-ups. Planking will tone your back and chest. Hold on to this position as long as you can carry your weight. You can do this in 2 to 3 minutes.

Additional tips to reach success in P2 of the HCG diet

  • Stay hydrated because water will flush out toxins from the burned body fats. It also clears the blockages in your bloodstream and allows proper distribution of nutrients in your body. Drink at least 2-liters of water each day during the VLCD. You can also enjoy coffee and tea as long as it is free from sugar and creamers.
  • Maintain proper food portioning by weighing your food choices especially the meat portion. Weigh it raw and remove the fats before cooking. Make sure that you have a portion of fruits and vegetables in each meal.
  • Maintain your HCG shot for greater weight loss. Take note that you are not allowed to do the VLCD without the HCG. It is responsible for rapid fat burning and treating obesity.
  • Eliminate unhealthy foods such as processed foods or liquid calories. Start to adopt the foods that are allowed during the VLCD. Choose whole food choices and organic products. See to it that you are loading the exact amount of calories allowed during the VLCD.
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