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One of the causes of weight gain is food addiction. Food addiction is the product of overpowering cravings. Hunger and cravings that overpowers you are very hard to curb. Food addiction is when you spend most of your time eating. You have to stop this habit before you start the HCG diet.

What is a food addiction?

Food addiction is also known as behavioral addiction to eating. It usually activates your reward system. This is when you indulge too much on unhealthy foods without thinking of the possible consequences. Food addiction is a severe situation with unhealthy habits. Food addiction causes rapid weight gain and the occurrence of various weight-related diseases.

How to beat food addiction before doing the HCG diet?

  • Start to eat protein-rich food choices

Protein-rich foods are great in boosting your metabolism. It can also help in lowering your intake of calories per day. Load more on protein before you start the HCG diet to slowly reset your metabolism. Protein is also helpful in dealing with your routine in late-night snacking. Adding protein on your daily meals can also help you slowly lose weight.

Proteins are also used by your body to build tissues and cells. These are also helpful in maintaining your muscle, bones, and skin. It is also helpful in keeping your blood healthy. This is one of the most important nutrients that you will need during the HCG diet. Start to load on lean protein choices.

  • Slowly take off sugary drinks in your daily meal

Sugar is bad for your body. One of the most fattening calories is from a liquid form of sugar. Sugars from sweetened, flavored and processed drinks can cause obesity. You have to stay away from fruit juices because they contain similar sugar to any other processed drinks. Sugary drinks are also a contributor to high blood sugar. This will eventually lead to storing of fats in different parts of your body.

  • Start to indulge in “whole” food choices

You have to load more on whole fruit, veggies, and other fresh products. Slowly introduce foods that have whole and single ingredients. Whole foods are more filling and healthy than your usual food indulgences. Whole foods are also helpful in cleansing your body from the food chemicals.

  • Start to create a weight loss goal

Before you will step into the HCG diet, prepare your body for it. Make sure to create a weight loss goal that is realistic and reachable. The purpose of the weight loss goal is to know how long you would do the weight loss process. Your weight loss goal will also motivate you to stop your food addiction.

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