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Carbs are compound you can get from the foods you are eating. Carbs also include sugar and starch which is needed by your body to support your energy. However, there are too many carbs that can cause you to gain weight. One effect of carbs on your body is weight gain. The intake of carbs also causes the rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body.

Carbs are not allowed during the HCG diet because it ruins the work of the diet hormone. The high intake of carbs can also increase the level of your blood sugar during the diet. Carbs are the main source of energy used by your body for daily activities. However, during the HCG diet, you are not allowed to continue your intake of carbs. But, it does not mean that your health will be in danger. The HCG will be the one to work in your fats stores and uses it as the source of your energy. Instead of getting energy from foods, your energy is taken out of the burned fats during the HCG diet.

The center of the HCG diet which is known to be the heart of weight loss is the VLCD. This is phase 2 of the HCG diet in which your intake of calories is cut down. The purpose of the VLCD is not to deprive you of enjoying foods. This is to help you to create new eating habits that agree to your healthy weight loss. It will transition your body from unhealthy eating habits. The healthy eating habits are important on P2 and even for the rest of your HCG diet.

There are foods that you need to stop eating as soon as you start the HCG diet. The foods that contain carbs, sugar, preservatives, and chemicals are not allowed.  You have to follow the HCG diet protocol on loading foods. This will help you in shifting to healthy habits that will big you a bigger chance to lose weight. You have to surrender all the unhealthy food indulgence, especially on processed foods.

What are the two types of carbohydrates?

  • Complex carbs

Complex carbs are the dietary starch that has sugar molecules. This can be found in plants that have a high level of vitamins and minerals. Complex carbs are also dense in nutrients however, it is not allowed during the HCG diet. You can only have these carbs right after you finish the entire weight loss process. Complex carbs can cause weight gain during a very low-calorie diet. An example of complex carbs is legumes, quinoa, corn flakes, potatoes, and barley. You can also have this kind of carbs from chickpeas, beans, and lentils.

  • Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbs are mostly consisting of sugar which is dangerous even if you are not losing weight. The simple carbs are the quickest source of energy but can also cause rapid weight gain. Simple carbs have a higher content of calories which triggers cravings and hunger. Simple carbs can increase your sugar levels. You have to stay away from milk products, syrups, and refined sugar. Do not drink soda, fruit juices, and other sugar-added drinks.

Carbs and sugar are gradually introduced back after the HCG diet. This is because it is new to your body after your weight loss journey. You can have whole food choices such as the freshly picked fruits and vegetables. There are also meat choices that you can choose from such as lean beef meat. Enjoy all cuts of lean chicken, crab, milk and pork meats. Make sure that you do not go less or beyond the caloric requirements of the HCG diet. You have to meet all the nutritional requirements of your body during your weight loss journey. Substitute the carbs and sugar by loading more on proteins and fiber.

What are the foods you must avoid during the HCG diet?

  • Fried potatoes and other fried foods

Potatoes are healthy and filling if it is cooked boiled. The caloric content of potatoes increases when it is fried. There are various observational studies that fried and oily foods cause rapid weight gain. It is better to serve steamed or boiled foods during the HCG diet.

  • Sugary Drinks

The unhealthiest food on earth is not just processed meat or junk foods. Sugar-sweetened beverages are also dangerous to your health. Sugary drinks are linked to weight gain and it can trigger the weight-related diseases. It affects the work of the HCG in burning your unhealthy fats. The sugary drinks do not register to your brain. It makes you drink too much without knowing that you have loaded too much liquid calories.

  • White bread and candy bars

White bread is highly refined which spikes up your blood sugar levels. White bread put you at risk to obesity. Cravings and overeating occur when your blood sugar level increases. Candy bars are also extremely unhealthy for your weight loss. Candies are packed with sugar, food color, flavorings, and other unhealthy ingredients. These are small in size but it is loaded with calories. Choose to have fresh fruit instead of sugary snacks. Fruits are more nutritious and filling than any other unhealthy foods.

  • Pastries, cakes, cookies, and pizza

Pastries are packed with refining flour like cookies and cakes. It contains trans fats that trigger weight-related diseases. You will end up craving for unhealthy foods if you eat these food choices. They are filling but they belong to the group of foods which has low nutrient. Pizza also is a popular and delicious-unhealthy food. It is loaded with processed meats and high-calorie ingredient. This is included in the list of foods that causes instant storing of fats in various parts of your body.

  • Dried fruits and canned vegetables

Vegetables are healthy if it is freshly picked the same as whole fruits. The nutritional value of fruits and vegetable lowers as soon as it is processed. The nutritional profile of fruits and vegetable degrades when you add preservatives on it. Canned vegetables have added preservatives and dried fruits as well have high levels of sugar. Sugars and preservatives will silently mislead your weight loss journey.

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