HCG Phase


It is important to be aware of liquid calories. These are calories that we can get from the drinks. Liquid calories can ruin the diet. There are many sources of liquid calories. It is taken from various kinds of drinks and beverages. HCG diet does not allow any kinds of drinks except coffee, tea or water. Diet drinks are not allowed because it has harmful chemicals. It has also sugar content that may sabotage the HCG diet hormones.

One of the allowed drinks on the HCG diet is coffee. It must be free from any form of sugar. Coffee is allowed at any time of the day. This is usually done in the morning as breakfast. If you are looking for a sweet coffee, you can use stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is allowed in the HCG diet. You can also use stevia as ingredients in your meal. This is the safest ingredients that will satisfy the sweet tooth of the dieter.

The caffeine in the coffee can stimulate the nervous system. This will send a direct message to the fat cells. Thus, allows the breakdown of fats. It raises the blood levels in the hormone. This hormone is the adrenaline that travels through the blood. It breakdown fats and release them in the blood. You can lose more in your diet if you eat less than you used to do. Your calories must be lesser than your usual intake of calories. One of the fat burning aids is the caffeine in the coffee. Another benefit you can have in a coffee is fats metabolism. It allows fats release from fat tissues. The higher the metabolic rate the faster you lose weight. The HCG hormones will reset the metabolism to have faster weight loss.

You cannot gain weight if your metabolism is fast. Studies have shown that coffee can help in metabolism. However, caffeine alone cannot help obese and overweight longer. This is why it must be accompanied by HCG diet hormones. The hormones will help in rapid weight loss. It works faster than any other weight loss techniques. The HCG hormones will target the unreached are in the body. It reaches the area where there are too many fats that are stored. Coffee is part of the long term weight loss effect of the HCG diet. It raises the resting metabolic rate. This means that the number of calories that are being burned will be doubled. Always refer to the HCG diet guidelines for better results.


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