If you stop losing weight during the HCG diet, there might be things that you have done. These things may cause complications which stops your weight loss. One of the unhealthy things that stop you from losing weight is mindless eating. Mindless eating is said to be the cause of weight gain and binge eating. There is also a natural cause that leads you to weight loss stall or weight gain.

Women usually stop losing weight because of water retention. This is because of menstrual period however it will just be gone as soon as your menstruation ends. Make sure that you practice mindful eating during the stall to make sure that you can bounce back easily to your diet track. There are various techniques to eat mindfully without getting extreme hunger. Mindful eating is important during the HCG diet and even when you finish the process.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is cultivating the mind’s awareness of food. It enhances our mind to think about what or how much to eat. It also allows us to think about the purpose of why we eat and what we eat. This process allows us to appreciate the foods that are hitting our senses. This allows the sustainability of the food in us.

Is it healthy to lose pounds using the HCG?

Following the HCG diet protocol shows its positive effect on various dieters. It is healthy to lose weight using the HCG because it does not cause any harm to any tissue or organ in your body.  It targets to your adipose tissue than touching your muscle mass. Your weight loss comes directly from your fats and it maintains the supply of nutrients and vitamins needed by your body during weight loss.

Before treatment or the weight loss process, you will still undergo a medical check-up to assess your body. This is to see if you are fully ready to lose weight. However, you still have to monitor your weight loss and avoid the things that may stop you from losing weight. HCG diet requires focus, commitment and a realistic weight loss goal. These things will help you conquer the common things that stop you from losing weight.

The things that stop you from losing weight during the HCG diet

  • Failure to follow the diet track

Do not skip any phase of your HCG diet because each phase helps reach your goal. You have to avoid cheating so that you will not slip on your diet. Avoid the foods that are loaded with calories and other chemicals. Administer the HCG the same time each day for greater success.

  • Lack of protein

Protein helps in burning calories and can lower your cravings. The protein choice on the HCG diet helps the HCG in curbing your hunger and maintains the health of your muscle. Make sure that your protein choice is fat-free before cooking. Protein can also help in preventing further weight gain.

  • Eating process foods

Make sure to have whole foods in your meal to avoid weight gain. Whole foods are more nutritious and filling than processed foods. Whole foods help regulate your appetite especially if you are doing the VLCD of the HCG diet. Stick to whole foods at all time during your HCG diet to reach your weight loss goal.

  • You overdo your exercise

Hard exercises can cause weight gain. Hard exercises will consume your energy and may cause you to crave or in starvation mode. HCG diet only allows light exercise for at least 10 minutes. You can do walking, jogging, swimming or biking. The purpose of your light exercise is maintaining your cardiovascular health as you lose weight.

  • Lack of sleep

It can trigger insulin resistance, this will eventually relate to weight gain. Having enough sleep will add energy and refreshes the body. It can also give the body time to relax and take time in proper metabolism. It is also beneficial in relieving stress that affects the weight loss process.

Failure to quit this common cause why your weight loss stops may ruin the entire diet process. It can cause weight or weight loss plateau. A weight-loss plateau is normal when it is caused by natural activities in your body. This is a situation where you neither gain weight nor lose any pounds. The causes of weight loss plateaus are sometimes because of the food. Some of it is caused by natural hormones in the body that is telling you that you have reached the goal. Follow the HCG diet weight loss protocol to improve weight loss. Below are the helpful tips that can help you lose weight.

  • Avoid doing your unhealthy habits– Unhealthy habits will affect your weight loss goal. It can also stop or delay the work of the HCG in fat burning. Your unhealthy habits are the cause of various weight-related diseases. Be consistent on your diet and stay on the diet protocol for greater success.
  • Follow the protocol carefully- The HCG diet protocol will help you stay on your diet track. It will also teach you on how to properly administer the HCG injections. Reach your weight loss goal one at a time.
  • Do not forget your HCG shot- the rapid weight loss is impossible without the HCG. This is responsible for targeting the stubborn fats from the hard to reach areas of your body including your belly. The HCG also works in resetting your metabolism and prevents cravings and hunger pains.
  • Have discipline in eating- You will not be able to now if you are full or hungry if you eat fast. Being a disciplined dieter will help you reach your weight loss goal. It can also help you follow the proper protocol in doing the HCG diet. One way of having an eating discipline is a proper food portion control.
  • Proper food portioning– It is done by checking food labels. It can be also done by weighing foods before cooking. Always be careful with your food choices. Avoid sugar and carbs for the entire protocol.
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