HCG Phase


What is the HCG Phase 3?

Phase 3 is also known as the stabilization of the achieved weight in Phase 2. This is making the foundation of the new weight loss. This starts the day after the VLCD. You can start Phase 3 if you have reached the weight that you aim. Phases 3 maintain weight loss and slowly increase the caloric intake of the body. You can add calories from 500 to 1,200-1,500 calories each day. Eating more means adding more kinds of food in the body.

How much calorie is needed in this Phase?

You must aim to have 1,500 calories each day in this Phase. Add more HCG phase 3 foods in your diet. Make sure not to overeat calories to avoid weight gain. Aim for the exact number of calories to be taken each day in this part. A too low calorie may cause you to starvation mode. It does not supply the energy needed in the body. A low calorie can cause an imbalance in metabolism. Watch out for every caloric intake in this Phase it may lead to weight gain or starvation mode. Avoid getting in starvation mode because it will cause you to eat a lot in real time.

Loading slow

Adding foods in Phase 3 is a risky thing. This is because the foods that you will introduce back are already strangers for the body. Loading in Phase 3 is adding food one at a time. Give your body time to process it. Your body is still adjusting to new foods and still learning to handle it. Try to have a salad of veggies with HCG allowed dressings. Load up slowly and be aware of the calorie dense foods that may add up the weight. Be cautious about the foods that you eat. Do not eat the food if you are not sure of its safety. Categorize all the foods that you are going to eat. Load up slowly so that you will not slip off.

Loading on sugar and carbs

This is one of the common mistakes of HCG dieters. Loading up sugar and carbs in Phase 3 may lead to weight gain. Adding more kind of food in HCG does not mean you will add sugar or carbs. You still have to continue the healthy eating style in this Phase or for the rest of your life. Sugar and carbs will be loaded slowly after a week in Phase 3. Track all the foods that you eat to avoid eating sugar and carbs. Provide a list of the allowed foods for Phase 3. Take note that Phase 3 is maintaining your weight loss. This is not for a temporary purpose but for the benefits of your health for the rest of your life.

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