HCG Phase


If you are craving foods that are not HCG-friendly, find something that stops it. Cravings are designed to bring out the emotional responses in you. Sometimes you are triggered by unhealthy foods. Thus, your goals are wrecked by the uncontrollable cheat. Remember that the HCG diet is a low-calorie protocol diet. This is made to give significant weight loss in a short time. One of its function is to suppress hunger.

Deal with cravings

Cravings usually last for 10 to 20 minutes. You can overcome your desire for sweets stuffs by not entertaining cravings. One way to stave off craving is to eat a balanced meal. HCG diet is rich in proteins that help control cravings, and blood sugar level.

Step to avoid future carvings during the diet duration

  • Eat as much food as you can in the loading days. This is done before starting the HCG diet. This is known as the calorie loading phase. The calorie loading phase is to develop fat stores in the body. Thus, makes it ready for burning in the VLCD.
  • Take the HCG hormones daily. The HCG hormone is an appetite suppressant. The exact amount of HCG will never make you feel hungry. It will help you during the VLCD.
  • Follow the diet flow. Take note of the forbidden foods such as sugar and starch. If the sugar is high at the beginning of the diet, craving is expected. Keeping away from sugar can make the diet easier.
  • Spice up your meal. If you find the meal boring, you will surely crave. this is the time to spice it up with HCG allowed ingredients. Some of the spices are permitted in the HCG diet. This will lessen the feeling of deprivation.
  • Take a walk. If possible, you must do 10 minutes’ walk each day. This is a light form of exercise that will boost the body. You have less energy on the VLCD if you do hard exercise. You can also do a few squats.
  • Take off sugary snacks and drinks. Beverages and sweet snacks must be tearing off in the body. Without sugar, the battle of cravings will be easy.
  • Have some fruit portions. You can split your meals in HCG. There is no objection in breaking meals as long as it is 500 calorie. If you crave sugar, you can grab a slice of an apple.
  • Be mindful of everything that you eat. Diet is when you practice your mindfulness. Develop your awareness of food and eating. Deal with your cravings. Being mindful includes response between cravings and physical hunger. You will learn o recognize the difference between hunger and cravings. You must be aware of the habits and emotions in relation to eating.
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