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This is not common in the HCG diet. However, this will give a blend in your diet. You can learn a new technique in weight loss. The best way to relieve stress and relax is to take a bath. If you need to wind down you can create your own style of bathing. A detoxifying bath on the HCG diet is not a requirement to finish the weight loss. This is a new idea of helping a dieter in facing weight stalls. This can help you get through a weight loss plateau.

The common weight stall solution on the HCG diet is the apple or steak day. However, you can have a new technique by taking a bath. The apple and steak day is effective in responding to weight stall. A detox bath is a new style that may help in the apple and steak day.

What is a detox bath?

This is 30 minutes bath for those who are experiencing a plateau. This will help a dieter drop a few pounds. This kind of bath needs baking soda and salt to blend together. It will draw out toxins in the body. This promotes circulation and it lowers inflammation. Thus, helps in flushing off toxins from the body.  Baking soda has much use, especially in household chores. It is also helpful in detoxification and does not leave in the dirt behind. Sweating will occur during your bath. However, this is just a normal response of the body. The detox bath works by releasing toxins that help a dieter to get rid of water weight. The best time to do the detox bath is before bedtime.

What are the things needed for the detox bath?

  • Fill the tub with hot water (the temperature that you can handle)
  • Epsom salt for at least 1 cup
  • Half cup of baking soda

There are also other things you can add such as:

  • Ginger tea—it lowers cholesterol and it is an antioxidant
  • Rosemary as a dry ingredient—it helps in digestion
  • Lemon and lavender extract

Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes and then take a cold shower in a maximum of 10 minutes. This makes up a 30 minutes detox-bath process. Some of the dieters go straight to a heated blanket after the bath to continue the fat burning. This is to make sure that all the toxins are out. It has also major benefits for the body such as relieving pain and muscle aches. A detox bath is a technique that is done by modern dieters.

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