HCG Phase


An occasion is nothing without foods. The fun and enjoyment are just ordinary. Foods are the one who makes it extra special. Foods seem to be everywhere on every occasion. What will you do if you are an HCG dieter? What will be your possible escape plan in such situations? Your HCG diet journey may come with ups and downs. You give in to food temptations and unhealthy lifestyle. Do not stress yourself about it. You can enjoy even if you are dieting. HCG diet will just burn the fats but not your happiness. Learn to handle things that are not part of the protocol.

Life comes with celebration and good foods. This is a good reason why we learn a lot of lessons. Create a healthy life path by having self-discipline. Occasions will be good timing for you to learn. You will learn to handle such situations for your healthy future. Remind yourself to feel good and enjoy the moment. There are many ways to enjoy a celebration. Find ways that do not need to load on food. Calculate the calories in each food that you are going to pick. If you are in phase 2, target the veggies and grab a small plate. Have a list of the food that you loaded. It will help you track the cause if you gain weight.

Drink plenty of water before you go to an event. You can also grab an HCG diet snack or meal. It is important to fill in the stomach before going on an event. This will help you load lesser food. Hydration is one tip in controlling cravings. It will make you full in a longer time. You can add lemon as an appetite control in your drinks. Be mindful on everything that you do. Allow proper food portions if you are going to get another buffet.

Know the protocol and plan ahead. If you receive an invitation ahead of time, you plan right away. Have a list of the food that is allowed. Choose the foods that are close to the diet protocol. You can bring or grab a fruit and indulge in it. Planning ahead is a wise idea to escape too much loading. If you feel cravings, stay away from the area. Find a place that is far from the foods. Find a friend to talk to or mingle with. The celebration is not centered on food only. There are more things you can do aside from eating. Create great memories with your friends and loved ones.

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