HCG Phase


The goal you must create on HCG diet phase 3 is to stabilize your weight loss while adding more foods. This is when you are done with your Phase 2 which is the very low-calorie diet. You do not have to lose more weight during Phase 3 because this is the time where you have reached your weight loss goal.

The stabilization phase is teaching and preparing your body for weight maintenance. You have to be careful because this is a sensitive part of your diet. You have to be careful with the foods that you are going to introduce back on your diet. Make sure that everything that you have loaded must be burned and not stored as body fats. You have to gradually add more food choices on your meal so that your body will have much time to adjust. You have to do gradual loading especially if you have just started the Phase 3.

The things you must not forget in starting HCG diet phase 3

  • Start slowly and read food labels

Do not even think of your indulgences because phase 3 is not feasting. You do not have to eat as much food as you can for satisfaction. You have to start it slowly to give your body time to adapt more foods. Read food labels and stay away from sugar and starches. Reading food labels will prevent you from loading unhealthy foods. This can also help you control your intake of calories. You still have to continue loading healthy food choices even after your very low-calorie diet.

  • Track your progress

You will not continuously lose weight in this phase but you have to maintain your weight loss. You have to track the progress of your weight stabilization. This is to make sure that you can do something right away in case of weight gain. You also have to track every single food you eat. Make sure that you keep a record on your intake of calories to prevent weight gain.

  • Practice mindfulness

You are accountable for the possible consequences of your action. It only means that you have to be mindful in everything you do. Being mindful on the HCG diet can aid in weight loss stabilization. Mindfulness will help you determine physical and emotional hunger. It can also help you with food choices and portions. Mindfulness is working out your body and mind in reaching your weight loss goal. Mindfulness can as well improve your focus and prevents you from stress.

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