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How will you get out from emotional eating after a tough work? Life is very tough especially if you do not know how to deal with the emotions. Frustrations, depression, and anxiety may hit you. It is important for you to know how to survive such situations. The effect of stress may be physically harmless. However, it will contribute a lot to weight gain. It is because it will target emotions. This causes the body to gain weight. The real story beyond emotional eating is the cause of stress and pressure. People usually find rest or comfort the moment they eat food. The more food they eat, the better they will feel. This is a wrong concept in dealing with stress and emotions. This must be stopped the moment you enter in the HCG diet. Emotional eating can sabotage all the efforts of a person to stay healthy.

Do not be a victim of emotional eating. This will serve as a reminder and a warning to all dieters. Emotional eating is the unconscious attraction to food. This usually occurs when there are raging emotion and pressure. Here are some signs if you are an emotional eater;

  • You eat too much when you are stressed
  • Eating foods even if there is no hunger
  • You eat because you respond to cravings
  • You find emotional comfort and safety when you eat
  • You eat and eat until you get sick
  • You are out of control when there is a presence of food

If you are attracted to foods, then you are an emotional eater. It will occur from time to time. You will feel powerless sometimes. All the emotional struggles will be comforted in the presence of food.  As an adult, we must cut down our feelings towards food. It is because foods have an impact on the body and health. If you are obese or overweight, you have to discipline yourself. Emotional eating is not the best to respond to stress or other struggles. If you feel stressed out, go and grab a sleep. Give your body time to process the things. Do not allow the emotions to rule over your mind.

To get through emotional eating, you have to find other ways to satisfy yourself. If you are depressed, call someone to talk to. If you are pressured, get out of your room. Go and walk around your place or you can meditate. Spend time with yourself. Get yourself a cup of tea or a special milk bath. Do everything you can to stay away from emotional eating. Start the HCG diet as soon as you think you are ready.

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