HCG Phase


Making weight loss fast is essential for significant health. The diet can be challenging. However, the protocol that is given will make it easy. Follow the weight loss program and maintain the HCG injections. You can also repeat the HCG diet as long as you have enough fats to lose. The HCG diet is a fast and effective weight loss protocol. Repeating the weight loss is fine but it is better to lose the weight in the first try. This is because the weight loss goal on the HCG diet is quick to do.

The protocol of the HCG diet has several requirements. It even includes the restrictions of oil-based cosmetics. There are also restrictions in medications, lifestyle and etc. Doing the HCG diet requires sacrifice. This is because you have to let go of your old habits and make it a better one. Get familiar with the diet flow for successful weight loss. Study the HCG diet protocol as much as you can to avoid slip. Provide the things that are needed in the diet. Count the food portions carefully.  See to it that you are checking the food labels that you are eating. Some foods contain ingredients that are harmful to the HCG diet.

You cannot lose weight rapidly without the HCG injections. See to it that you have availed the original HCG injections. Be aware of the fake injections in the market. Before starting the diet, make sure that the body is free from any forms of diseases. It is important to have a healthy body and mind before the onset of the diet. This is to avoid complications in the future. Do not avail HCG diet on the retailers that do not have permission to sell it. HCG diet is proven to have the best result for hundreds of obese patients in many years. This is the only diet regimen that is made by a doctor.

To avoid any slip or side effect follow these things:

  • Load properly and healthily on the loading days
  • Do not go beyond the 500 calories a day requirements of the VLCD
  • Do not go on 24 hours without the HCG injections
  • Do not cheat—make sure to have the exact food
  • Load on the exact dose of the HCG diet hormones
  • Do not skip meals—provide a copy or record of the meal plan
  • Do not do a VLCD without the HCG hormones
  • Provide a weighing scale for foods and body
  • Weigh the food before cooking, remove all the visible fats


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