One of the concerns of diet is skin care. How to keep skin glow while on the diet? HCG improves skin appearance while you are on the diet. It only targets the fats. HCG leaves alone the important areas such as the skin. It maintains the healthy and normal look of the skin as it burns fats. After the diet, your skin will be more natural and elastic.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • No Oil-based product- These are tempting and it is the majority in the market. However, this is not allowed in the HCG diet. There are some oil-based products that are allowed on the diet. Avoid cosmetics that have hormones on them. Check all the ingredients of the product. Make sure it is free from unhealthy oils.
  • Exfoliate your skin- It will help in removing dead cells. It usually comes from the surface of the skin. It breaks up impurities and washes them away. You can remove dead cells by brushing. Exfoliating the skin is healthy during the diet duration.
  • The use of Mineral oil- Mineral oil helps in clogging the pores. It goes into the skin and gives benefits. Mineral oil reduces inflammation and irritation. Soothe your skin by gently rubbing mineral oil on it.
  • Stay away from stress- One of the causes of skin damage is stress. It causes the body to make hormones that make more oil. Oily skin is prone to acne and other problems. Stress and emotions can affect the skin.
  • Use home water-softener- Hard water is the cause of dry skin. It makes soap less effective. Water softener takes away minerals from the water supply. It will give you a steady and fresh supply of water.
  • Drink plenty of water- Stay hydrated. Water is vital to maintaining freshness of the skin. It plays a major role in the HCG diet and skin health. The entire body depends on water. It works by carrying nutrients in the parts of the body. Water eliminates toxins that are stored in the fats.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables- Fruit can work wonders in the skin. The HCG fruits are the best choice for skin health. HCG fruits increase blood flow. It increases skin elasticity. Some fruits refresh dull skin. HCG diet fruits control aging. Vegetables are also rich in vitamin E. It helps maintain skin health. Aside from being nutritious, it is also benefiting the skin. Vegetables improve skin health. It heals skin tissues and nourishes it.

Toxins are causes of skin problems. HCG detoxifies the entire body. It makes the skin become clearer. It stops the toxins to penetrate in the body. HCG does not just burn fats, it also keeps you glowing.


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