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Partying on a diet? How to end up not eating? Has this ever work for everyone? There are lots of question running in my mind about this topic. I am seeing things that possibly happen after a celebration. I did not totally master the basic things to do at a party. I did not even know what the best escape plan is when you are on a diet. I am writing this article for all the HCG dieters. This is for your guide and tips to get through an event without cheating on the diet.

One best thing you can do before going to a party is to eat at home. You can cook satisfying foods such as protein. Keep your tummy loaded with the HCG diet foods. Make sure to drink an adequate amount of water. Do not go to a party or event with an empty stomach. See to it that you have loaded the exact dose of the HCG hormones. It will keep you from feeling hungry. While you are still in the house, plan ahead the things you have to do at the party.

What are the Good Escapes?

  • Scan the meals- Have a quick tour around the dining area. Find the foods that are fit to the diet. Choose the top 3 food that you will indulge during the celebration. See to it that you stick on the VLCD.
  • Choose a small plate- If “drool-scene” strikes, load small amounts of food. Grab the smallest plate. See to it that the food is safe for the HCG diet. Ask before you eat if you do not recognize the foods. Know all the ingredients before pushing the foods into your mouth.
  • A salad is the best choice- When you are forced to eat, you can have the salad. Pick up one kind of veggies in a salad such as lettuce. Make this as a snack and hold on until the party is over.
  • Do not stand on the food area- Stay away from the area where you can see the foods. This strategy will help you from cheating. It will stop craving and overeating.

In event and parties, it is important to focus on the social aspect. Socialize with other people. It is easy to be carried away by the food temptations. Find a perfect spot to position yourself. Do more on talking, dancing or enjoying the essence of the party. Focus on socializing and not o the foods around you. Food at the party is not banned in your body. However, they must be out for now. The HCG diet will teach you to be a good eater for the rest of your life. Connect with people and enjoy an interesting topic aside from eating.

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