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Cheating is not allowed in any diet protocol. We come to think that diet means deprivation. It forsakes us to load on the favorite foods that we used to have. We usually end up to craving in most of the weight loss. One reason is that we do not understand what does diet means. Most of the weight loss can actually lead us to starvation mode. It does lead us to eat more at meal time. HCG diet does not want us to abandon our weight loss goal. We cannot abandon it just because we give in to cheating. Cheating in a permissible way is considerable on the HCG diet.

The truth is we cannot stop cheat days from coming. They are usually around us and will knock our goal down. HCG diet is not a strict diet protocol. It does not deprive every dieter. HCG diet is a protocol that gives benefit not just in weight loss. It also gives benefits to the overall health of a person. The effect of cheat meals depends from one person to the other. However, the common effect of cheating is weight gain. It often comes in high-calorie foods which are contradicting to a typical diet plan.

There are no specific guidelines for those who constantly cheat. People often do cheat as part of their habits. This must be stopped in the HCG diet. Cheating in response to hunger is totally not allowed. It affects the health of a person. It also affects the stability of metabolism. Thus, causes a delay in weight loss. HCG diet can help in rapid weight loss. It works in the brain and allows the resetting of metabolism. This is why dieters do not feel hungry in the VLCD. The hormones will use the fats as the source of energy for the body.

Using the HCG meal as snacks

In times of cravings, you can grab on your HCG diet meal. On VLCD, the 500 calorie diet can be split. You can have 100 calories for each meal. Your 500 calorie meal will be split into 5 serving for the whole day. This is a smart way of having the right count of calorie in the whole day. You have to treat yourself than to cheat. If you feel physical hunger, you can drink water or eat fruit. Water is a good appetite suppressant so as the fruits. It refreshes the body and boosts the energy. Hunger is normal in the first 3 days or 1 week of the VLCD. It gives time to the body to process.

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