Greater weight loss is important for health. Though challenging and sometimes intimidating, losing weight is made easier for you with the HCG diet. For greater weight loss, you simply have to follow the HCG diet protocol and see to it that you are also using the right dose of HCG. If the instructions are well-followed, you can reach the weight loss goal easily.

Things you can do for greater weight loss

  • Load properly on loading days (Phase 1)

Proper loading of food means having the right kind and portion. This is to help you in attaining greater weight loss. The right kind and portion of food are carefully designed to help in reaching the weight loss goal. Avoid eating processed foods because it has added chemicals that might ruin weight loss. Load more on fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

  • Follow the daily caloric requirements during VLCD

The daily requirements during VLCD are 500 calories each day. Do not go beyond the 500 calories because it might cause weight stall or gain. Do not worry about hunger because the right dose of HCG diet hormone can help in curbing hunger. The calorie that you will be eating is enough for the body during the weight loss. Cheating is not allowed as well as sugar, carbs, and fatty foods. Refer to the HCG diet food list for meal guide.

  • Do not go on 24 hours without the HCG injection

Do not go on 24 hours without the diet hormones. Do the HCG injections shot the same time each day to avoid missed dose. Do not double the dose in the next round in case you missed a single dosage. The HCG hormones stay longer in the body for at least 3 days. You do not need to panic if you missed a one day dose because the hormones will still work for weight loss. Set a reminder in your room of mobile phone for your HCG shot. This technique works to those busy dieters.

  • Avoid cheating and do not skip meals. Always keep a record of your weight on a diet journal

Keep a record of all the food that you have been eating. This will help you track the cause in case of weight gain or weight loss. Record your daily weight every morning as soon as you get up from your bed. It will help you track the progress and determine the part that needs improvement. Weigh all the foods before cooking.

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