HCG Phase


You can develop a new habit in doing the HCG diet. This is the time that you will stop doing unhealthy habits for greater weight loss. Developing a healthy habit on the HCG diet is not difficult because of the diet protocol. You can lose and maintain your weight loss without slip through healthy habits.

Healthy habits during the HCG diet

  • Do not skip any of your HCG meal

Your HCG meal wakes up your metabolism. You cannot go on your day without eating any meal. This is because your HCG meal will supply the energy and nutrient needs of your body during the HCG diet. Each meal on the HCG diet is important even if you are doing the VLCD. You cannot eat lesser or more than 500 calories during the VLCVD. Your HCG meal also helps you reach your weight loss goal. Choose to have healthy meals for greater weight loss.

  • Track everything you eat

This does not mean that you have to deprive yourself. You can still enjoy foods but you have to load healthy food choices. The rate of your weight loss depends on the food you eat. That is why you have to track everything you eat to avoid loading from unhealthy food choices. Tracking the food you eat can also help you control your intake of calories.

This is also helpful in tracking the foods that cause you to gain weight. Tracking your foods is a way of lifestyle change. You will be able to understand the role of foods for your health. Tracking your foods will also help you track your weight loss.

  • Exercise lightly

Light exercises are healthier than a heavy workout. This is because light exercises are not stressful. It does not consume your energy, especially on the VLCD. Light exercises can help in strengthening your muscle and cardiovascular health. This is also helpful in boosting your mood. You can do yoga, swimming, walking o dancing. Make sure that you are not hungry or tired before you will do your exercise.

  • Eat mindfully

Mindful eating means focusing on mealtime. Do not eat while watching the television or you are doing something else. Use small plates to effectively do the food portioning. It is better if you will dine at home. This is because you will be the one to prepare your meals. You can make sure that you are eating healthy foods. Eating mindfully is also being aware of the intake of calories in each meal setting.

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