HCG Diet


One of the Epidemic problems in the US is obesity. 93.3 million Adults are categorized as obese in the year 2016. This is according to the Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity is also one of the causes of chronic illness, death and disability in the world. Overweight people usually suffer health problems.

The History of HCG in treating Obesity

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons stated that even malnourished and sick women are still able to give birth to a healthy baby. This is because the Hormone in the HCG that is produced during pregnancy using the stored fat and nourishes the fetus. The orally given or injected HCG can release the reserved fat of non-pregnant individuals. These findings drove the creation of the successful 500-calorie diet. These are all from the idea of the 1954’s leading endocrinologist.

Shed Pounds through HCG diet

The diet restricts taking calories while taking the HCG orally. Reduce caloric intake to 500 calories per day. The hormones aid to curb hunger and burn the fats in the body. HCG is the most safety and healthy way of losing weight.

As an alternative to Gastric Bypass Surgery

HCG is useful for obese individuals. They found it as a solution for gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is risky and may cause death. Through HCG diet you will be safe if you follow the protocol. The limit of calorie might be punishing. However, through HCG you will be able to avoid surgery. The weight loss you can have on HCG diet is similar to the one you attained on bypass surgery. HCG diet is more beneficial and not harmful.

Reducing the Effects of Obesity

HCG dieters are able to avoid diabetes and hypertension. The HCG presents low carbs and eliminates starch and sugar. Lose a pound each day through the HCG protocol. It is active and lowers both fat and weight. The Diet protocol can help you lose one pound a day. A lot of people have experienced dramatic body change through the HCG diet.

More benefits of HCG

HCG is safe while you undergo fast weight loss. HCG diet protocol is designed for this. Other diet plan lacks the benefit that HCG has. Other diets will make you hungry and crave. HCG will burn the unwanted fats and resets your metabolism.

HCG Diet is a low-cost diet

HCG diet is low cost than to undergo surgery. Gastric bypass surgery costs thousands of dollars yet rarely covered by assurance. HCG diet cost lesser and it is only just for three weeks. Hiring a dietary nutritionist or other dietary treatments is costly. HCG diet plan is effective in weight loss and keeping it off.

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