Dealing with hunger or cravings is important even if you are not dieting. This is because hunger is sometimes a trap that will lead you to weight gain. Keep off the foods that boost your indulgences. You have to keep off the appetite booster food to reach your weight loss goal. Stay satisfied and full throughout the day to avoid further unhealthy loading. Choose to load on the foods that are low in calorie but has high nutritional value.

Some foods suppress your appetite but do not cause nutritional deficiency. You do not also have to restrict yourself from eating because it affects your weight loss. You just have to be wise in choosing your food choices for your weight loss. Opt to have the foods that help you lose weight or the foods that suppress your appetite. However, you have to stay watchful in your food intake.

There are also foods that you must avoid because it will cause you to gain weight. You have to choose the foods that can help you with the caloric cut down. Some foods have low calories but are more filling than any foods. HCG diet promotes a healthy loading on healthy food choices. These are organic food choices or whole food products. Choose the foods that have no added ingredients.

The 500 calories cut down is done during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. This is also known as the heart of your weight loss journey. You have to be careful not just in eating but also with your habits. The VLCD is intended to transition your habits and your body to a healthy lifestyle. The most important tip of your weight loss process is balancing. You have to balance your intake of calories, food portion nutrients, and other things.

There are foods and habits that you must cut when you start the HCG diet. These foods are the cause of why you gain weight fast. Shifting to healthy eating habits will give you a bigger possibility to lose weight. Let go of the unhealthy foods and those that are processed and loaded with unhealthy chemicals.

What is appetite?

Appetite is the desire of your body to eat foods by nature. It will determine how much food you want to eat. Appetite will be boosted by appealing foods. Food appetite is your personal view and desire towards the food you want to eat. Most of the foods that arouse your appetite are processed food products. The high level of appetite will make you eat too much during your HCG diet. Eating too much promotes rapid storing of unhealthy fats in hard to reach areas of your body.

The appetite suppressant foods you can enjoy during the HCG diet

  • Avocado- the creamy texture and healthy fats of avocado fruit help in your weight loss. It keeps your stomach full and also takes it longer to digest. Avocado is allowed during the stabilization phase. This is also one of the most important foods during phase 1. It is rich in healthy fats that help prepare your fat stores for VLCD. Avocado is one great source of soluble fiber that lowers your appetite. Avocado also controls your digestion process during the HCG diet.
  • Legumes- One of the excellent vegetable choice during weight loss stabilization in legumes. This is also one of the excellent source of protein that aids you lose weight. The high levels of protein found in legumes suppress your appetite. Legumes as well can lower the chemical in your body that causes cravings. It keeps your stomach full and curbs hunger and its future effect on your body.
  • Water and soup- Asses on what kind of hunger do you have. This is because sometimes thirst and dehydration are often misunderstood as hunger. Drink water if you feel hunger. This is because water is a good appetite suppressant and helps in cleansing your body. Water cleanses your body from the common chemicals that trigger hunger and cravings. Stay hydrated for the whole day to keep you out from eating too much. Soup is another technique to add flavor on hydration. It controls you from constant snacking and helps in food portioning.
  • Lean meat- This meat is digested slowly in your body. It curbs persistent hunger or food cravings. The high level of protein on lean meats controls your fullness. It is also helpful in building up your body tissues, bones and muscles. You can choose to have pork, beef, chicken, fish or crab meat. Take off the visible fats and weigh your meat choice before cooking. Do not forget to track from the smallest to your largest food intake.

The common foods you need to avoid during your HCG diet

  • Sugary drinks

The sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda, juices, wine, and various alcoholic beverages are not allowed. These sugary drinks are one of the top unhealthy foods on earth. Sugar-sweetened drinks are linked to diseases and weight gain. These are processed drinks that are very disastrous for your weight loss and health. The sugary drink does not register in your brain that is why you usually drink too much. It affects your general health and stores fats in your body.

  • White bread

White bread is highly refined which may stop you from losing weight. White bread is a healthy food choice but it does not help you in losing weight. You have to nix your breadbasket during the HCG diet. This is because HCG is a no sugar and no starch weight loss process. White bread can spike your blood sugar levels and may be a cause of obesity. Remember that overeating and constant hunger comes when your blood sugar spikes up. White bread puts you at risk of getting repetitive hunger for the entire day.

  • Pizza, burger, and pastries

These food products belong to popular foods that are unhealthy. These foods may taste delicious but it is loaded with calories. Pizza and burger have high-calorie meat and refined flour. These are the top foods that are listed as the main cause of weight gain.

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