HCG Phase


HCG diet is favored by many professionals. Successful dieters are also on it. This will help you change your point of view in eating. HCG does not allow special food purchases. Phase 2 is known as the VLCD. This is no fun at all. It is the part of the wherein the calorie is restricted. Follow this Phase to accomplish a lot. Do it strictly to avoid breaks. Phase two is usually one in 3 to 6 weeks. Always pay attention to every HCG dose.

How to use the HCG diet hormones?

Most dieters use 125 or 150 ius injection. However, the HCG shot is changed from round to round. The leaner you are, the lesser dose you need. The injection is done once a day in the morning. HCG shot is done along with a VLCD. The exact amount of food portions is needed. Make sure to follow the calorie restriction. This is for the working of the HCG hormones in the body.

The right dose of HCG Hormones does not make you feel hungry. It does not cause any hunger pangs even if you wait too long for a meal. Once you eat, you will be satisfied and does not feel hungry for the whole day.

Phase two is also known as “The heart of the HCG program”. This is done with a weekly visit of a health professional. The body will adjust the metabolic requirements. Each dieter must continue to do the healthy eating habits. There will be a lifestyle change during the 6 weeks. Weigh yourself every morning and keep track of it.

Example of a calorie portion

  • Breakfast- Tea or coffee and water
  • Lunch-1 protein (100grams)
    • 1 vegetable
    • 1 fruit
    • 1 Melba toast or grissini
  • Dinner- The same meal and portion as lunch

The component of HCG Program:

  • Visit and consultation
  • Evaluation of thyroid
  • Drawn up HCG injection on a weekly basis
  • Vitamin B12 to maximize metabolism
  • Weighing, monitoring, counseling and etc.

Phase two begins when the metabolic function resets. This is when it will allow keeping off the fat that is lost. Do the Phase two carefully. Any slip will cause weight gain.

Tips for Phase 2

  • Eat slowly- Do not over-eat. If you eat fast it will lead you to eat a lot. Remember that weight gain is not just in the diet. It will stay throughout your life. It is better to control the eating style than to gain weight.
  • Use Stevia- For coffee and Tea, you can use stevia as your sweetener. Keep on track and stay away from sugar and starch.
  • Stay dehydrated- Drink water even if you are not thirsty. This is vital to keep the proper function of the body. Water is helpful in all Phases of the diet.






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