HCG Phase


Having a balanced and nutritious diet is the best thing you can do for your body. This can help you do more works and be more physically active. It is the safest way to stay healthy and avoid diseases. The energy that you will be using for the whole day must fit into the foods that you are going to eat. Eating more foods in one sitting can cause weight gain. Making small but healthy changes is one thing you can do if you suffer obesity.

As soon as you step into the HCG weight loss, you have to finish it. Make changes in your eating or exercise habits. Keep the weight loss and maintain it for the rest of your life. There is no other solution to make the body healthy unless you would lose weight. There is a healthy and healthy approach to diet. Here are some of the guidelines that will help in dealing with weight loss.

Do not skip meals- Even in the low-calorie diet or VLCD; you still have to eat the exact meal that is needed. Skipping meals is not allowed especially when you are doing the VLCD of the HCG diet. Meals will help in fueling the body to help the system to function well. You can have your own recipe or meal option. However, the food choices must be taken from the HCG diet food list.

The proper dose of the diet hormones- HCG diet hormones is the main focus on the HCG diet. It is the hormones that help in rapid weight loss. It is also used to reset the metabolism as well as to curb hunger. The exact amount of HCG hormones can help in keeping the stomach full. It can avoid hunger pains and cravings.

Do not overeat- The overeating is one cause why there is weight stall in the midst of a weight loss process. Weight stall can be avoided by having a discipline towards eating. Have a proper portion control of the foods that you will be eating in serving. Overeating can also be considered cheating. If you gain weight because of overeating, you have to do a steak or apple day. These are the steps that will get you back on track in the next days.

Reduce the foods that are high in calories. Stay away from the foods that are high in fat or sugar. Cut down saturated fats and the intake of alcohol. The bad eating habits that you have do not give even a bit of help to weight loss.  

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