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Embracing new habits is an open door to lose weight. You can start new habits as soon as you step into the HCG diet. You can influence people around you to join your transitioning as well. Most of the successful dieters are those that get support from people around them. You can also do this technique in adopting a new habit and lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy habit is one way of a healthy weight loss during the HCG diet. This is because the HCG diet does not work on fat burning if you still have unhealthy habits. Healthy habits will help you stay on track of your diet. This is also helpful in adjusting quickly to your diet protocol. There is a bigger chance of success if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Habits are the common things you do at home or anywhere as part of your routine. This includes the simplest act to the greatest hobby. This is important because it also serves as a key to reach your weight loss goal. Healthy habits include a healthy eating style. You also need to be healthy in your daily activities especially when you are on the weight loss process. Healthy habits help you counter or reverse the effect of your bad habits.

Starting a new eating habit on the HCG diet

Starting new habits is a bit challenging especially if you are used to unhealthy ones. However, you have to start a new habit for a smooth sailing HCG diet process. Starting new eating habits begins with choosing the kind of food you need to eat. Eating the right kind of foods as well includes counting of calories and controlling food portions. This only means that you have to let go of your food indulgences. Stay away from sugar, carbs, liquid calories, and other calorie-dense foods. Starting new eating habits will help you get used to healthy loading and healthy food choices.

A jumps start to new habits during the HCG diet

Start eating healthy food choices- this is the time to throw away your food indulgences. This is because HCG diet only allows whole foods. You can purchase the foods that are listed in your diet food list. These are chosen carefully for successful weight loss. Choose healthy food choices such as vegetables, whole fruit, and lean meats. Your weight loss depends on the foods that you eat and eating style also.

  • Discipline your way of eating

Eating slowly will help you determine when you are full. Eating slowly is a good habit to focus on eating and food portions. Eating fats will not help you to know if you are full or not hungry. The purpose of eating slowly is to carefully process the foods that you have loaded. Follow the cut down of the calorie during the HCG diet. Make sure you do not go beyond or less calorie than what is allowed.

  • You will be the one to prepare your snack

You have to avoid buying foods in the restaurant or food chains. This is because the foods outside are not safe for your weight loss. Cook your snack by choosing food items in your food list. You can make a diet-friendly snack such as fruit and vegetable choices. HCG diet will change your overall point of view towards food. Watch out your intake of calories even after the very low-calorie diet.

  • Control your food portion

Foods greatly help your body. It sustains the nutrient needs of your body during your weight loss. You have to portion your food in each meal settings so that your weight loss will not be affected. Read food labels as well as the ingredients of each food packages. Make sure that you do not purchase processed foods. Remember that you are not allowed to eat sugar and carbs for the entire diet duration. Sugar and carbs are the main cause of obesity and food cravings.

  • Watch what you eat and drink

This is more on focus and mindfulness during mealtime.  Make a record of every food that you eat to know the food that causes weight gain. Having a record of what you eat will also help you determine the foods that help in weight loss. Watch what you eat and drink because there are food items that will sabotage your HCG diet. Some foods will trigger not only cravings but also various diseases. Watch out from the beverages with sugar and other liquid calories.

  • Stay hydrated

The allowed drinks during the HCG diet are water, coffee or tea. However, you have to make sure that it has no ingredients such as sugar, food color, flavorings ad, etc. Coffee and tea are healthy drinks that can be used as a replacement for water. These drinks can help in boosting your metabolism and for proper digestion. Hydration will also help in taking off the cause of weight loss plateau.

  • Take time to rest or sleep

Proper sleep will take off high-stress levels. Stresses are the root of why you gain weight naturally. This is because stress triggers hormones in your body that promote the storing of fats. It can also cause you to do emotional eating. Emotional eating is an unhealthy response of your body towards stress. That is why you need enough time to sleep or just rest. Sleeping can help you boost your focus and lowers high-stress levels. Sleeping can also promote a proper balance of digestion and metabolism during weight loss.

  • Balance your exercise routine

You can do more time for exercise after your VLCD. This is a good habit that will help you burn extra calories. You can do yoga, walking, swimming, dancing or a short time jog. Light exercise maintains bone and muscle growth. You can do light exercises every morning after your cup of coffee or before you go to work. Do not do hard exercises because it can cause fatigue. It consumes too much energy which is not allowed on the very low-calorie diet.

  • You can set up reminders

This is less required during the HCG diet. However, this can help you if you are forgetful. Setting up reminders will help you track your weight loss. You can set reminders on the schedule of your HCG shot.

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