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There is always a down feeling after bad news. It is a natural response of the mind and body to the situation. It takes to long for a man to deal with the issues. Depression can cause a major effect on the diet and health of a person.

What is Depression?

It is a mental illness that comes from negative behaviors and thoughts. Depression is epidemic worldwide. This has been the growing problem of people in terms of mental health. Depression has 4 victims out of ten people worldwide. This is a leading cause of disability that brings mental illness. This affects the person to do an activity. It also deprives the person of socializing thus, gives poor performance in work. There are a lot of treatment options for depression.

How do diet and nutrition affect depression?

Nutrition can treat depression. There are lots of therapies through diet. Taking care of the body and mind daily is one way to control depression. Dealing with depression is pointing out where it comes first. Stop the bad habit that triggers depression. However, you must be careful in dealing with depression. The target of it is the emotions. Some of the emotional problems find comfort in foods. On the HCG diet, it is important to be mentally and emotionally healthy. If you find comfort in foods, there is a big possibility that you will eat too much. You eat food, not because of your responses to hunger. It is because of how you responded to what you feel. This is known as emotional eating.

Emotional eating is harmful in the body, especially on the HCG diet. It will cause someone to load too much on foods. Thus, leads to overeating of unhealthy food choices. Loading on proper food choices can boost nutrition. The proper diet can help the state of the body and mind of a person. It will send signals to the brain to find comfort in a healthy way. The proper diet and nutrition are great to help in dealing with depression.

What are the things you need to take care off?

Take care of your mental health- Stay away from stressful things. Stress has a big impact on weight gain. “You are what you think”. It means that a positive thought comes to a positive result. Negative thoughts have a negative impact. Relax your mind and body from overthinking. Grab a rest or sleep if you feel drained. You must be extra careful especially in the duration of the HCG diet.

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