HCG Phase


The transition during the HCG diet allows you to shift from unhealthy to healthy habits. Losing weight on the HCG diet is not just about the habits that you have. This is also about the foods and anything that you load up. This only means that you have to introduce a new eating style and new foods for your diet. Embracing new food choices means that your body will be cleansed from the effects of unhealthy foods. Fruits and vegetable choices are the foods you can enjoy that are nutritious.

Protein is a great weight loss aid. Protein that you can get from lean meat is helpful during the very low-calorie diet. It helps you curb hunger and cravings. Protein can also prevent bone and muscle breakdown during your weight loss. It keeps you feel full longer and boost your digestion. You can have protein in various cuts of lean meat such as beef and chicken. Some vegetables are rich in protein.

Hydration as well plays a big role during the HCG diet. It helps the healthy foods in cleansing your body. It can take off the food toxins out from your body as soon as you start the HCG diet. Drinking water can help you in slimming down and it is greatly advised during the HCG diet. It can also help you stay on the path of your diet. It is also not for losing weight but in keeping your body organs healthy.

You are required to have at least one gallon of water each day. This is because water is considered as the best drink you can have during the HCG diet. It can take you out from unhealthy intake of calories. However, you have to know that water alone does not help you to lose weight. Take note that water only helps you in losing weight but it is the HCG that does the work.

The benefits of water on your HCG diet

  • It allows you to eat lesser foods– Drink water before you will eat to control your intake of calories. This is an effective technique, especially on the very low-calorie diet. Water promotes the feeling of fullness and it can help indigestion. It can also curb hunger and cravings and prevents you from eating too much.
  • Water is helpful during exercise– Hydration is important especially if you are doing an exercise. This is vital especially if you are sweating. Water will replace the water lost to avoid dehydration. However, you have to avoid the water that has added liquid calories. You are not allowed to drink a sports drink, weight loss soda, soft drinks, and fruit juices. These are the common drinks that will silently take you out from your weight loss track. You are only allowed to have tea and coffee as long as it is free from sugar and added chemicals.
  • Water can help you check your hydration levels– Your hydration can be determined by the color of your urine. If your urine color is dark you probably need more water. If the color of your urine is clearer then you are still hydrated. Hydration is important for digestion. This is helpful in the distribution of nutrients that are needed by your body to lose weight. It takes out the burned fats and other toxins out of your body.
  • Water helps with digestion– Hydration aids in the breakdown of foods and converting it to nutrients. It can help in digesting the protein and other nutrients that your body needs for your weight loss. It can soften your stool and aids you out from being constipated. Be careful with the added chemicals, flavorings or sugar in buying bottled water. You have to watch out because one of the worst weight-loss enemies is liquid calories.

Get rid of alcohol, sweetened coffee, energy drinks, sugar-added tea, and diet soda. The liquid drink that contains calorie has poor nutritional value compared to water. The intake of water will maintain proper weight loss and helps you during your weight loss stabilization. The water can also stabilize blood sugar and it is also an aid in dealing with water retention. Water retention is one cause of weight loss stall.

The role of protein on your HCG diet

  • It lowers your appetite

One of the most filling foods you can have during your weight loss is protein. It can help you stay longer during the very low-calorie diet. It can help in controlling your appetite. Your desire for eating will be suppressed through the help of protein. The lean protein and other healthy choices can be used as a replacement instead of eating carbs. It can also curb your cravings from processed foods.

  • Increases your muscle strength and mass

It promotes strength and muscle growth. You are required to have an exact amount of protein especially if you are on the very low-calorie diet. Your muscle mass will be maintained and protected by the HCG. The lean meat as well helps the HCG in preserving your muscle mass. Protein as well brings benefit in maintaining healthy bones and prevents it from breaking.

  • Protein controls cravings

You can also avoid the late-night snacking by loading an exact amount of protein. It controls your cravings from calorie-dense foods. Thus, curbs hunger and prevents you from the starvation mode. Cravings are hunger that is products of your emotions. You can curb cravings by loading fruits such as apple. It can add your chance of losing even more weight if you have enough amount of protein in your diet.

  • Protein can boost your metabolism

Protein can also burn fat which leads to an increase in metabolic rate. The high metabolic rate helps in digestion and healthy weight loss. Your energy levels also surge as soon as your metabolic rate increases. Protein will burn and control the extra calories from foods. It can lower your blood pressure and prevents you from having chronic diseases. Higher metabolism as well gives a greater chance in reaching your weight loss goal easy and fast.

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