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Weight loss becomes hard if you do not know how to deal with stress. It is important to deal such situations because it can ruin your HCG diet. The effect of emotional stress may seem to be harmless but, it totally affects your weight loss. Stress eating always targets the emotion that allows you to find comfort in eating. Stress eating is a wrong concept of dealing with stress and other emotions.

What is stress eating?

It is consuming foods in response to your feelings. This usually happens when you are hungry or stressed. It is also known as emotional eating because it is not the body that dictates on how much to eat but your emotions. Stress eating starts in your brain as it dictates your emotions. It is your attraction towards food that usually occurs if you have raging pressure and emotion.

Ways to counter stress eating on HCG diet

  • Deal with stress before you eat– The tendency if you eat when you are stressed is you might load on too much food. It is because stress can make you gain weight naturally. Stay calm or take a rest instead of eating. Rest can help the HCG work properly in your weight loss.
  • Do not eat when you are NOT hungry– Eating is controlled during your HCG diet to avoid loading on too many calories. If you want to eat, make sure that you are physically hungry. Eating even if you are not hungry will just increase your intake of foods. If you are really hungry, you can have an apple or other fruits that are allowed on your HCG diet.
  • Stay away from the sources of foodOvereating usually happens when the foods are just around you. Look for a place where you can focus, you can go to a park or take a walk. Keep yourself from the sources of the foods because you might eat too much until you get sick.
  • Control your attraction towards food– There are times that you will feel powerless towards food. However, you still have to control it because it has an effect on weight. The more you are attracted to foods, the more you eat without control. Never allow your food attraction to control your discipline in eating.
  • Determine the sources of stress– It may come from various sources. It can be from your family or work that you fail to deal. Take active steps the moment you find the cause of stress.
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