Staying on your diet track is a bit challenging. The most important thing with a healthy diet is to be consistent. This is because when you start to slip up with eating, you might get addicted to it. This will cause you to get out of the track of your weight loss.  You will end up going back to where you started and even double the weight gain. Several ways will help you stick with your diet track without having any difficulties. The HCG diet is a body-safe and works by following the protocol.

The HCG diet is structured and designed for an easy lifestyle change. It will help you get back to your healthy body right away. This is done by the support of the medical professionals. The HCG diet is a structured weight loss program that will transition you back. The HCG diet can benefit you by changing your appetites and boosting your fat metabolism. This is a better and safer way to lose weight. It works safely in your body and it is all-natural.

How to stay on track on your HCG diet?

  • Record what you eat

Start recording each meal that you eat along with the calories. Pick the foods that are listed in the HCG diet food list. Replace your usual food with healthier options. A journal is important to help you determine what foods might be contributing to a plateau if you experience one. It will also serve as a helper in tracking your food intake. You can list on your journal the daily weigh-in and the foods that you eat.

  • Cook just one serving

Do not cook too much to avoid the responsibility that you need to eat too much food. This will help you deal with portion control of the foods you eat. Buy small plates, spoon and even things for cooking. These are designed to help you with your HCG diet meal. You also have to provide a food scale to help in food portioning.

  • Focus on what you eat

Stop everything that you are doing when you will eat. Mindfulness is an act of being accountable for everything. This is because there is one to be blamed when you do too much on your diet but you alone. You will be facing consequences when you fail to practice mindfulness. Pay attention to the foods you eat every mealtime.

  • Add a light exercise routine

Light exercise is a good habit that will help you burn extra calories. You can do yoga, walking, swimming, dancing or a short time jog. Light exercise maintains bone and muscle growth. Do not do hard exercises because it can cause fatigue. You are also not allowed to exercise if you are tired or hungry. It consumes too much energy which is not allowed on the very low-calorie diet.

  • Always load on the right foods

Ditch off the foods that have high sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. Carbs will give you an initial rush of energy but will eventually drop off. This is because it is digested quickly and becomes fat. You can eat protein-rich foods to keep you full throughout the day. The best right food choices you can ever have are vegetables and fruits.

  • Do not neglect to sleep

A complete sleep is required even if you are not doing the HCG diet. it helps your body to have a break from everything. Sleeping revitalizes your metabolic rate. A complete sleep can help in burning fats in your body. It lowers the stress levels that can cause weight gain. Sleep also normalizes hormones that control appetite and energy production. Lack of sleep can trigger cravings which lead to unhealthy eating.

  • Administer the HCG shot

HCG will help you reach your weight loss goal without constant hunger. It targets a certain region in your brain that allows resetting your metabolic rate. This eventually results in rapid fat burning. Being motivated by your weight loss goal will help you get through the phases of the HCG diet. Set your weight loss goal is your motivation why you have started your HCG diet.

Things you must stop to continue your weight loss on HCG diet

  • Do not eat when busy-Eating while you are busy will not help in developing your mindfulness in eating. Watching TV or other things will take your attention. This will stop you from having a focus while eating. Being out of focus will make your load on unhealthy foods. It can also make you fail from food portioning.
  • Stop your intake of unhealthy drinks- beverages such as soda, alcohol and other processed drinks are loaded with liquid calories. You have to stop drinking processed beverages so that you can lose weight faster. It can also help you stabilize your blood sugar. Stopping the intake of unhealthy beverages will also stop the storing of fats in your body.
  • Late-night snacking- Do not eat too much at night because it can cause a lower rate of metabolism. It can also make you gain weight because the calories will not be burned. You are only allowed to have one fruit if you are hungry at night. Make sure to control your intake of calories even after the VLCD.
  • Stop Emotional eating- It allows you to eat various unhealthy foods to control stress. This is not allowed on the HCG diet because it can cause you to gain weight. Eating in response to stress will break your weight loss process. Deal with stress before you will start eating so that you can go on with your weight loss. You can do yoga or you can take a break and relax for a while. The high-stress level is prone to gaining weight even without eating.
  • Stop cheating on your meal- Stay away from foods that are appealing because it might tempt you. You must stay away from the surroundings of tempting foods.  Cheat days will surely cause you to gain weight.  It can also allow your body to store calories that eventually become stubborn body fats.
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