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Overeating is considered as cheating during the HCG diet. Make an effort to put away those things that distract you during mealtime. Distractions are also caused why you eat too much. It will take your focus on the foods that you are loading. Thus, causes you to fail in proper food portioning during the HCG diet. There are times that you eat too much not just because of the foods. But, it is because you fail to focus.

Eating too much during the HCG diet will not just delay your weight loss. It can also cause a rapid weight gain. Gaining weight can add more risk in getting weight-related diseases. Too much food will make digestion longer because it requires your organs to work harder. Overeating on unhealthy foods can tool on your digestive system. It also affects the stability of the metabolism and promotes rapid storing of fats in your body.

Gaining weight during the HCG diet does not mean that you have to restart. There are easy ways that are carefully designed to carefully break weight gain. You do not have to stay where you fail. You must do something to correct it to avoid weight gain. HCG diet allows you to do an apple a day or steak day to correct weight gain. The apple and steak day is known as the weight gain corrector that will get you back on your diet track.

The effects of overeating during the HCG diet

It causes your stomach to expand than its size. This makes you find hard to adjust during the VLCD. Overeating can make you feel uncomfortable, drowsy or tired. This is because it can reset your digestion process and cause rapid storing of fats. Overeating raises your hunger hormone and stops you from losing weight. It can also cause an imbalance of calories in your body.

Ways to stop overeating during the HCG diet?

  • Administer the exact dose of HCG

The most important of all during the HCG diet is the weight loss hormone. The HCG works in curbing hunger and cravings. It resets your metabolism and uses the burned fats as your energy source. This is the reason why you do not need to eat too much food during fat burning. Administer the HCG at the same time each day to promote faster weight loss.

  • Ban all your unhealthy food indulgences

There must be proper restrictions on unhealthy foods. This is because unhealthy foods are the cause of weight gain. Concentrate on whole foods and not on processed products. Make sure that you do not indulge in high-calorie foods such as pizza, burger, and pasta. You can still enjoy a delicious treat by loading healthy foods choices. The whole foods are helpful in weight loss. Fill your stomach with low-calorie and fiber-rich foods.

  • Avoid eating packed foods

These are the common foods that you have every day such as chips and ice cream. This will lead you to eat more foods that you need. Do not purchase the foods that packed straight from the box. Check the food labels in each purchase. See to it that it does not have sugar and other unhealthy ingredients on it. Identify how much food you eat as well as the calories. You must be aware of the caloric requirements of your body during the HCG diet.

  • Lower your stress levels

Stress is also a common cause of overeating. You must find ways to lower your stress level. This is because you will likely to gain weight naturally if your stress is prolonged. Stress drives up the levels of hormones that trigger your appetite. This will make you eat various foods to comfort you from stress. High-level of appetite increases your risk of feeling hungry for the whole day. Consider doing yoga, meditation, walking to relieve high-stress levels.

  • Be mindful in eating

Prevent overeating by adopting mindful eating techniques. It stresses the importance of focus during mealtime. Be aware of your thoughts, senses, and emotions while you eat. It is because you cannot eat when you are emotionally stressed. Mindful eating lowers unhealthy eating behaviors. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly and make it as your routine. Eating mindfully allows you to focus on being aware of thought s and senses while eating.

  • Load more on fiber-rich foods

Vegetables, fruits, and other fiber-rich foods can help you feel satisfied. It can control your hunger from coming back. Fiber-rich foods will also help in digestion and proper weight loss. The fiber-rich foods will satisfy you longer and reduce your urge to eat too much. Load more on fruits or vegetable during your HCG diet to lower the amount of food you consume daily.

  • Do not skip your meal

This is an unchanging reminder on your diet. VLCD does not mean that you will divest yourself from eating foods. You still have to eat in a controlled manner. The sum of calorie during your VLCD is the exact calorie your body needs to lose weight. Eating on mealtime will lower your risk of getting a hunger for the whole day.

  • Keep a food journal

The food journal will help you track your HCG diet. You can keep a record of all the foods that you will eat. Tracking your food intake as well help you determine the cause in case you gain weight. Self-monitoring techniques will help you be aware of every situation during your weight loss. Your diet journal will keep a record of your daily weigh-in as well as your daily food intake.

  • Fill your stomach with protein

It keeps you full throughout the day. Protein from lean meat promotes your feeling of fullness longer. Eating high protein meal lowers your desire to eat too much. It can also stop you from snacking unhealthy foods later of the day. Protein-rich foods stave off hunger and maintain healthy muscle and bones during weight loss.

  • Stay hydrated

Water boost skin health and it cushions your brain, spine and other tissues. It is also responsible for distributing food nutrients all over your body. Water flushes body waste and maintains healthy blood pressure levels. Water is one of the most important things when you try to lose weight.  

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