The HCG diet is designed as a unique weight loss program. This is the only weight loss program that aids obese and overweight people lose weight without having surgery. The HCG diet is a natural and safe weight loss program that is designed by a doctor. This has been proven effective to help people that are overweight and obese for how many years. The HCG diet has 4 different stages or commonly known as phases. It involves the loading phase, VLCD, stabilization and the weight loss maintenance.

Each phase of the HCG diet is important in reaching your weight loss goal. This means that you cannot proceed to the next stage if you skip the first one. You have to follow the weight loss protocol to be able to avoid immunity of the diet hormone. The protocol of the HCG diet wills your guide in your food portioning and in doing your HCG shots. The best you can do to avoid immunity. The mechanism to immunity is not yet defined. It is believed that the body learns to break down and discard the HCG

The signs of immunity to HCG are weakness and hunger. To avoid the further effect of immunity to HCG you have to stop it. However, you still have to continue to eat healthy food choices. During the break, you have to maintain the P3 style or way of eating. Wait for at least 6 weeks until the HCG is completely gone in your system before you will start the round 2 of the HCG diet immunity to HCG may happen when you have too much dose or you continue to do your unhealthy habits while having the HCG shot.

Continue to introduce healthy food choices during the break as part of healthy habits. Doing the round 2 of the HCG diet does not change or degrade its effectiveness in burning your fats. It will do the same work in resetting your metabolism and for weight loss. HCG diet has no serious side effects except headache. However, this can be avoided by doing the diet plan well. To avoid the immunity, you have to load the proper foods. Use the exact amount of the HC hormones the same time each day.

What is the second round of the HCG diet?

The second round of the HCG diet is a follow-up process if you have not yet reached your desired weight loss goal.  The second round of the HCG diet is not compulsory but it is allowed. You have to continue to do a healthy lifestyle. Starting a second round is the same way as to how you start your weight loss journey. This also takes place when you are about to start another round because of the immunity.

There are easy preparations you can do to fully prepare your body for weight loss. The second round of the HCG diet will still give you fulfilling results in reaching your desired goals. You also do not have to worry about the work of the HCG because it is the same as it was in the first try. The HCG still works fully in reaching the hard to reach fats in various parts of your body. Always remember that the rapid fat burning only happens when the HCG is administered properly.

What are the benefits when you do the second round of the HCG diet?

This is beneficial because your possibility of reaching your weight loss goal is greater. This is because you are already familiar with the diet protocol. Your body is also ready for fat burning and there is no hard time in resetting your metabolic rate. You can do the second round after the 6-week break. It is time that your metabolism is more prepared and responsive. This is because the remaining HCG from your first try is totally out of your body.

Is there an associated hunger during the 6-week break?

No. There will be no hunger as long as you continue to maintain a healthy eating style. Hunger may come but it is natural and does not cause any harm. Avoid eating unhealthy food choices during the break because it does not just cause hunger but also complications. You have to stay hydrated and choose the right kind of food to aid in curbing hunger. Always remember that HCG works the same as how it burns fats during the first round.

Tips to reach your goal on the second round of the HCG diet

  • Eat Healthy foods– You have to continuously do a healthy lifestyle before you will begin. Avoid sugar, carbs, starches, and oily foods. Continue to eat the foods that are enumerated in your diet food list. You can plan some steps and technique to successfully implement the VLCD. Do not go back to your unhealthy eating habits.
  • Exercise regularly- You can start to increase your time of exercise during the break time to improve your muscles and bones. You can do exercise regularly during the 6 weeks of your break. It also removes an unhealthy impact of the food choices in your body.
  • Get familiar with the HCG diet guide– Spend time to get familiar with the foods that are allowed for weight loss. You have to keep a list of the foods that are beneficial for your body during the HCG diet. Remind yourself about the foods that are allowed and the forbidden foods.
  • Start to cut down your intake of calories– Cut down your indulgences on the foods with high calories. Start to go back to healthy eating in case you cheat on your meals. Cut back your intake of carbs and fatty foods to be able to curb hunger and possible weight gain.
  • Go through-loading phase- This includes eating healthy food choices that are rich in healthy fats. You can eat as many fatty foods as you can. It will help to prepare your fats stores for the VLCD. The loading phase is the time to raise the fat reserves in your body to be used during the VLCD.
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