Cheating is not allowed on the HCG diet. It is not allowed at any moment or any situation. However, we are not perfect dieters. We undeniably give in to temptations. It is more optional to increase a little bit of the serving than to cheat. You should do your best to do the 500 calorie diet per day. You can eat or add more serving of veggies and fruits than totally slipping off the plan. You will still lose weight even if you increase the vegetable servings. However, if you start eating junk foods and other unhealthy meals, you will surely gain weight. Cheating and losing weight is a challenging situation of a dieter. Learn to adjust the food serving little by little.

Learn to space the meals in a bit. Do not eat a meal too close together during the day. One of the techniques is to split the veggies and proteins. This will allow them to have something to eat all throughout the day. This is also known as the safe way of cheating. You can have a larger meal serving of veggies and have the proteins later. See to it that you do not go beyond 500 calories a day. It is better to split the meal for the day. This is a safe way of having 4 to 5 meals a day. Make sure to have your snacks and have plenty of water. This will help in keeping the appetite on track of the diet.

Get back on track right away

If you cheat, make sure to correct it right away. Do your best to get back on the track as soon as possible. You do not have to stay in the ground where you fall. You have to get back and continue. Cheating happens even to the best dieters in the world. Do not live with it until you gain weight more than the weight you have before. Forgive yourself from cheating and do what is best. Hold nothing in reserve if you are on the HCG diet. Do the best you can in losing weight. Weight loss has a benefit in health. It will prevent the attack of risky diseases that are caused by overweight.

Plan the diet properly so that you can avoid cheating. If you plan a cheat day, make sure you can correct it right away. Do not do intentional cheating over and over again. It will delay the weight loss or cause weight stall. See to it that the effort and money are all worth it to spend.

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