HCG Phase


Keeping the calories can be achieved in a diet. Everyone must take fewer calories in order to maintain or lose weight. A low calorie can make the body healthy. You have to record how much is the exact calories you need each day. Do not load on more calories. Respond to hunger not to how you feel about food. Count the calories intake to maintain health and weight. Do not eat if you feel emotional hunger. It can cause you too much caloric intake. This can lead to a rapid weight gain.

Keeping the calories out is simply doing a low calorie diet. If you are overweight, HCG diet is best for you. It will help in rapid weight loss. Thus, teaches you to the proper intake of the low-calorie intake. Before doing the HCG diet, you are required to do a checkup. This can make sure that the body is ready for a very low-calorie diet. VLCD is not allowed without the HCG hormones.

The following are the common things that can keep the calories off:

  • Calculate the possible calorie allowed in the body- The calorie intake depends from one person to the other. The more activities, the more calories you need. This is because; calories can also be a source of energy. Too many calories are stored as fat. The possible calories allowed in the body are dependent on the activity you have each day. The HCG diet only allows 500 calories each day. Do not worry about hunger. The HCG hormones will do its job to curb hunger.
  • Eat healthy food- Vegetables and fruits are healthy foods. These are low in calories and high in fiber. Fibers are good for the maintenance of the system of the body. It has a special task for metabolism. The good source of fiber is the green leafy vegetables.
  • Lower the intake of fats- Unhealthy fats can contribute to the dumping of calories. Stop eating unhealthy fats to avoid diseases. Fats are the cause of various diseases. The common disease that we can get from fats is cardiovascular diseases.
  • Low fat-protein choices- Proteins can help the feeling of fullness. Thus, it curbs hunger. On the HCG diet, it does not allow even a small amount of fats. You need to stay away from unhealthy fats forever. The protein choices are lean meat. This can help in maintaining the muscle. Remove the visible fats in the meat. Weigh the protein before you have to cook it.
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