HCG Phase


Your weight loss with the HCG diet is fast and safe. You have to follow the diet protocol to reach your weight loss goal right away. Make sure that you will maintain the result of your diet for a long time. Keeping your weight off requires you to practice the new routine that you got during your HCG diet.

How to keep the weight off after the HCG diet?

  1. Get enough exercise

Your normal routine of exercise is allowed as long as you will not overdo it. Monitor your intake of calorie and increase your time of exercise. This is to help you in taking off extra calories from the foods that you have been eating. You are allowed to have at least 30 minutes of exercise routine in 3 to 4 times a week.

Healthy eating and healthy food portion are needed. Maintain eating routine and be careful in loading with calories. You have to maintain food portioning to help you with calorie control. You are not allowed to go back to the old eating routine that causes you to gain weight. Choose healthy food choices instead of having processed foods. You have to eat slowly so that your body will have enough time to process everything that you have been loading.

You must eat healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Increase your food serving in each meal setting. Choose the foods that will promote metabolism and will supply your energy needs. The high rate of metabolism will help you keep off your weight even after your HCG diet.

Do not ignore or prolong your stress because it will cause you to gain weight. Stress will also affect your mental health which may lead you to emotional eating. Stress can also lower your metabolism process and will make you easily gain weight. This is because stress can trigger the storing of fats in your body even if you do not eat a lot.

You can stop stress by having time to rest or sleep. You can also drink a cup of tea. Tea has properties that allow boosting your mood and keeping off stress. Meditation, sleeping or a short walk will also help you in dealing with stress. You can also load on to healthy fats to boost your brain.

  • Be cautious on your sugar and carb options

The intake of sugar and carbs are one cause of your weight gain. Load on a minimal amount of sugar and carbs so that you can avoid weight gain and health issues. Keep your weight off by minimizing your intake of sugar even if you are done with your HCG diet.

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