Losing belly fats is not about how much you work on heavy exercises. The reality is that you cannot lose weight by doing exercise alone. Exercise cannot aid in rapid fat burning. It only causes tiredness and may trigger high-stress levels. The high level of stress will cause emotional distress. Thus, leads you to seek comfort from unhealthy foods. Exercising only helps in shaping your body and muscle. However, extreme exercises destroy the firmness of your muscles.

There is no magic step in losing belly fats. Everything goes under process. So with the HCG diet, it comes along with the diet protocol. Losing belly fats can be reached through a healthy eating style and new food choices. This means that you have to start adopting new food choices and lifestyle during the HCG diet. You have to adapt to the new lifestyle on the HCG diet. It is stopping all your unhealthy food indulgences, unhealthy loading, not eating on time or skipping meals, etc.

Things you must take care to lose belly fats in the HCG diet

  • Sleep- The right amount of time of sleep helps you lose weight. This is because it helps in lowering the natural hormones that cause you to gain weight. Sleep can also process and digest food. It also prevents storing fats in various parts of your body including your belly. It is also in a certain study that people who has enough sleep have fewer body fats. Get enough time to sleep especially during the HCG diet.
  • Stress- Everyone can experience stress. What matters most is how you would handle it? You can stay away from stress may it be from family pressure, work, and personal appointments. The best thing you can do to deal with stress is to relax. Let go of everything that causes you pressure and stress. You can also do meditation, vacation, and even light exercise. Avoid eating when you are stress because it will lead you to binge eating.
  • Avoid Constipation- Fiber and fluid aids in dealing with constipation. You have to avoid constipation because it causes bloating. Make sure to stay hydrated and load on foods that are easily digested. If you feel bloated you have to maintain your intake of fluid. Focus on the loading of healthy and whole food choices.

The habits you must stop to help in losing belly fats during the HCG diet

  • Stop your habit in eating too fast

Eating quickly can cause air swallowing which leads to bloating. Eating slowly includes better digestion, hydration, and easier weight loss. You must slow down eating to enjoy your foods. Keep in mind that digestion does not begin in the stomach but your mouth. Eating slowly will also help you detect fullness. It also helps in tracking your food intake. If you eat slowly you will end up eating less and you will eat the right food choices.

  • Stop drinking carbonated drinks and other beverages

Water, unsweetened tea and coffee are the only allowed drinks for your HCG diet. Replace your intake of unhealthy drinks with water flavored with lemonade and cucumber. Carbonated drinks and other processed beverages contain the highest calories. Always remember that your body cannot detect liquid calories. You are not allowed to drink fruits juices, soda, alcohol, sweetened milk, wine, energy drinks, etc.

  • Do not eat sugary foods

Most of the obese and overweight people are caused by sugar. The unhealthy loading of sugar or any sugar-sweetened food can cause you to gain weight fast. You must stop eating sugar if you want to lose weight, especially on the HCG diet. You cannot transition to a healthy lifestyle if you continue eating sugar. Stay away from the cake, pastries, milk tea, chocolates, candy bars, and cookies. If you want sweet foods during the HCG diet you can use stevia. This is a natural sweetener from a plant source. It improves or provides a sweet flavor without any guilt.

  • Limit your intake of sodium

The foods that are high in sodium are highly processed products. Sodium is used for preservation and flavoring. This is also one of the contributors to weight gain and fat-storing. Water follows sodium that is why there are water retention or water weights. Do not buy processed foods such as canned meat, vegetables, etc. Choose to load on nutritious foods that are high in fiber.

  • Eat smaller meals

Instead of having big meals per day, you have to cut down your intake of foods. This is to help you control your intake of high-calorie foods. You are allowed to eat 500 calories during the VLCD of the HCG diet. Low-calorie meals can control your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. You can also split your 500 calorie meal into 5 parts for the entire day. This makes you come up with a 100 calorie meal serving. You can eat it as soon as you feel physical hunger. Make sure to have the right portions of food to avoid nutritional deficiency.

Foods that promote storing of belly fats

Food #1 White bread and rice

These food choices can promote the rapid storing of body fats. White bread and rice are not allowed during the HCG diet especially on the VLCD. These food choices are loaded with carbs and will lead you to gain weight. It is also the reason why there is a rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body, especially on your belly.

Food #2 Pasta

Pasta has high carb levels that cause you to eat too much. Thus, eventually causes weight gain. Pasta can trigger cravings and add more fats in hard to reach areas of your body. Pasta can also increase your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Thus, it triggers weight-related diseases.

Food # 3 Potato and fried foods

Potato has high cholesterol especially when it is fried. Do not eat any fried foods such as fried meats and potatoes during the HCG diet. Fried foods affect your cardiovascular health. It also blocks your blood vessel that makes an improper flow of blood in your body. You are also not allowed to have junk foods.

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