Losing weight must not affect your muscle mass. Losing weight must just touch your fats. As you set your weight loss goal, you have to envision shedding your body fats. Losing body fats reveals your lean muscle underneath. The healthy way of losing weight is leaving your lean muscle behind. Losing lean muscle mass while on your weight loss process is a complicated situation. That is why you have to be careful in following a weight loss regimen.

The HCG diet is an effective and fast-acting weight loss process. It allows fat burning and supplication of energy during VLCD. Thus, allows you to lose weight without causing a muscle loss. The HCG diet is a weight loss process that does not just allow you to lose weight. It also preserves your lean muscle mass and avoids bone loss. This is through the help of a healthy lifestyle, especially on your eating habits.

Losing body fats without touching your muscle mass on the HCG diet

#1 – Cut your intake of calories

This happens during phase 2 of the HCG diet. The extreme cut down of calories is allowed as long as you maintain your HCG shot. You cannot cut your intake of calories without the HCG because it causes muscle loss. The cutting of your caloric intake is not to deprive you. It is for you to successfully transition to healthy eating. Maintain your intake of calories during the VLCD by tracking your food intake.

#2- Accompany with a light exercise routine

Light exercise is not total-body strength training. You are only allowed to have light exercises. It helps in promoting and preserving your muscle mass. Light exercises also help in maintaining healthy muscle, heart, and bones. Thus, it lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Light exercise is known for lowering the loss of muscle mass during the very low-calorie diet. Make sure that you are not hungry or tired when you do light-exercises. This is for you to avoid high-stress levels and emotional eating.

#3- Maintain your intake of protein

Most of the protein can be found in lean meat choices. You can have all cuts of lean pork, chicken or beef meat. Protein plays a big role in your weight loss. It keeps your stomach full and curbs the future attack of cravings and hunger pain. Protein helps in building and the growth of your body tissues. Make sure to have a portion of protein in your daily meal during the HCG diet. Take off the visible fats and weigh the meat choice before cooking it.

#4- You have to pay attention to carb and sugar

The HCG diet does not allow sugar and carbs. This is because these are the main contributor to weight gain and obesity. Sugar and carbs are also loaded with calories. Make sure to read food labels and do not purchase the foods that have sugar and carbs in any amount. To successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle you have to follow the diet protocol. This includes the cut down of your intake of sugar and carbs.

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