HCG Phase


Losing weight through the HCG diet is fast. It only targets your stubborn fats that are not reached by other diet processes before. The HCG diet only cuts your body fats without losing a single mass of your muscle. It restores your energy by using the stored fats in your body.

How to maintain your muscle health during the HCG diet?

  • Load more on protein-Proteins are helpful in keeping the fullness of your stomach. The HCG diet allows 2 servings of protein each day. This is to help you to maintain your lean muscle mass. Add a sufficient amount of protein in your HCG diet meal. See to it that you have taken off all the visible fats of your meat before cooking. Be careful with your intake of calories during your P2.
  • Stay active– You can take a walk or go swimming as your light exercise routine during your HCG diet. Maintain a moderate level of activity to keep your muscles active. It will also help them not to break down while you are doing your HCG diet. Being active will also help you avoid the stress that causes emotional eating.
  • Maintain your metabolic rate– Your metabolism during your HCG diet must be constant. This is to help in fast burning of your body fats. Metabolism will help in taking off the fats that are covering your muscle. The metabolic benefits during your weight loss are provided by the HCG.
  • Proper intake of calories– The muscle health will be maintained through the help of calorie control. Cutting down of calories will help the HCG in burning more fats that harm your muscle. You have to load more on protein so that your muscle health will be maintained. You also have to maintain your intake of calories during your VLCD.
  • Do not overdo hard training or workout- It will cause muscle loss and make you gain weight. This is because heavy training will cause stress that leads to rapid weight gain. Workout will also consume your energy and make you eat too much. Avoid participating in heavy workout session to avoid loss of energy. Hard training will make you lose weight but you will gain it back immediately.

The muscle mass will be destroyed if you keep on gaining weight after your weight loss. You have to avoid activities and foods that will ruin your muscle mass. Continue to do your healthy routine to support the work of the HCG in your weight loss.

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