HCG Phase


Maintaining your weight loss is not just on your HCG diet. You also have to maintain it for the rest of your life. Maintaining your weight loss is tough because you have to balance everything. You have to maintain your weight and eat more kinds of food without gaining back your weight. Maintenance part is not a green light for you to go and load too much food. This is when your body must learn and get used to your new lifestyle.

Things you can do to maintain health on HCG diet

  • Maintain what you have reached– You have reached your weight loss goal. You have to maintain it for greater success. Do not go back to your unhealthy habits because it will put your health at risk.
  • Create a plan- to keep your weight loss you have to make an effective plan. Create a routine that you must follow every day. Your plan must give benefits to your body’s weight and health. Make a plan that will keep you off from gaining weight.
  • Maintain your shape– Form your body by developing your muscle. You can enjoy it because you are already free from those stubborn fats. You can do greater things than just a person that is wrapped with fats. Maintain your shape by doing some light-muscular exercises.
  • Continue to do the proper way of eating– Choose the right kinds of food and eat it at the right time and right portion. You are not allowed to overeat because it will cause weight gain. Stay away from processed foods, an excessive amount of sugar and carbs.
  • Restrict your indulgencies until your weight is steady– Indulgencies often cause you to gain weight fast. You still have to choose an organic way of eating. There are more things you can do with fruits, veggies, and organic products.
  • Pick the healthier side- Choose items with less sugar and other ingredients. Slowly eat your meal to give your body time to process. You have to continue your healthy lifestyle even if your HCG diet is over.

Weight loss is important to do more for your life. Your HCG diet is not just about weight loss but also on what it can benefit your health. HCG diet will open your eyes on how to have the right view towards foods. Focus on your weight loss maintenance than on satisfying your stomach. Foods may give satisfaction and comfort. However, you have to be careful because there are foods that put your health at risk.

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