HCG assists in regulating your body’s metabolic function. The HCG will force your body to dispose of unhealthy fats. These fats are known as the adipose fats which are the stored energy. The VLCD during the HCG diet is done along with the proper administration of the hormones. This is because the fat burning depends on how active the HCG is in your system. Rapid fat burning comes when you inject the right dose of HCG.

As soon as the HCG is in your body, it automatically produces energy. This energy is taken not from the foods you eat. It comes from your body fats that are rapidly burned. The very low-calorie diet allows your body to transition into healthy habits. It also helps in cleansing your body from various food calories and chemicals. You are not allowed to do the very low-calorie diet without the HCG in your body. Administer your HCG shot at the same time each day to avoid missing a dose.

The four phases of the HCG diet

  • Phase 1 or the loading phase- The loading phase is the first step of the HCG diet. This is also known as the gorging phase. You have to start administering the HCG shot. This is also the time to increase your intake of calories and high-fat foods. Eat foods to prepare your fat stores. Do not eat until you get sick. The loading days last for 2 days until your fats stores are fully prepared for burning.
  • Phase 2 or the very low-calorie diet- This will follow right away after the 2-day gorging. Phase 2 is the time to cut down your intake of calories. You will be required to eat 500 calories for the entire day. You will be letting go of your unhealthy food indulgences. This is the time you will load on whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. VLCD is not to deprive or starve you but it will help in adapting healthy eating routine. You will get to learn to eat healthy food choices and portion out your food serving. Continue to administer the HCG shot until you reach your weight loss goal.
  • Phase 3 or the stabilization phase- This is exactly the 21-day stabilization of your weight loss. Phase 3 comes right away after the very low-calorie diet. You can start Phase 3 when the HCG is fully out of your system. You will be free from the HCG and VLCD. However, you are not allowed to go back to unhealthy eating habits. You will be stabilizing your weight loss goal while gradually adding more food choices. Be careful in this phase because it is a bit challenging. Make sure to continue to control your food portions and intake of calories. This is in total preparation for the lifetime phase.
  • Phase 4 or the maintenance phase- The maintenance phase is also known as the lifetime plan. This is because you will be creating a new lifestyle for the rest of your life. This is also the victory phase because you did reach your weight loss goal. Create new habits, increase your time of exercise and gradually add real foods on your diet. You are also allowed to eat sugar and starches during this phase.

The benefits of the HCG diet in your body

  • Improved Metabolic Function

In other diet programs, cutting of calories causes severe hunger. It will also slow down your metabolic function. However, the HCG diet works opposite compared to your past routine. This is because the HCG will reach your brain that sends a signal for metabolism. Thus, increases your metabolic rate. The HCG instructs your body to use fat reserves as a supply of energy. This will eventually lead to speed up metabolic rate.

  • Energy Increase

Dieting causes lack of energy because of the cut down of food intake. It triggers hunger, tiredness, and fatigue. However, the HCG diet works on the opposite side. It supplies energy to your body from the burned fats. That is why you still have extra energy despite the cutting down of your caloric intake. The released adipose fats will be transforming into energy used by your body for activities.

  • Healthy cholesterol and weight reduction

The VLCD during the HCG diet lowers blood cholesterol levels. You have to maintain healthy eating habits during the HCG diet. The foods during your VLCD also help in lowering the odds of getting weight-related diseases. The HCG burns extra fats in various parts of your body. It avoids unbalanced reduction of fats in hard to reach areas of your body.

  • Preserved Muscle Integrity

Most of the diet process today can cause muscle loss. But, the HCG diet promotes muscle preservation. This is because it will only target the fats in your body and leaves your muscle. Muscle loss causes problems and you will find hard to gain it back than fats. The HCG diet will preserve your muscle and prevents bone loss.

  • There will be no associated hunger

The cutting down of calories can cause extreme hunger. However, the VLCD during the HCG diet is safe. This is because the HCG will pull calories from your fat stores which results in curbing of hunger. It allows your body to burn fats and safely performs the 500 calorie intake without any hunger pains. The hunger pains during the first few days of the VLCD are normal. It will just be gone right after your body adjust fully to VLCD.

  • You will develop better endurance

You can now perform activities that you haven’t done before. You will easily breathe and you can work longer. HCG will also take you back on the track of a healthy lifestyle. You can also look good and even feel great after the HCG diet. This is because you will be healthier and you are now in the path of wellness. You can also save money through the HCG diet. You will not be spending too much on weight loss surgery. This is because you can lose weight fast, safe and natural way.

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