Before starting the HCG diet you have to learn a few things that are important for weight loss. You must study the protocol and get familiar with how the diet is done. This is to help you have greater success in reaching your weight loss goal. Your body will slowly adjust to the new lifestyle of the HCG diet. Follow the protocol step by step and allow your body to adjust in each step. Avoid skipping a phase of the HCG diet especially the loading phase. Excessive loading may seem intimidating but you have to trust the protocol.

Starting the HCG diet

The first two days of the HCG diet is the loading days. This is a two-day gorging which requires you to eat as much food as you can. The purpose of this phase is to allow your fats stores to be filled before you start the VLCD. Why do you have to prepare your fat stores? This is because it is an essential part of the VLCD. The stored fats will be used as an energy source of your body during the low-calorie intake. Load more on foods that are high in calories and fats. You can eat as much food as you want at any time as long as you do not get sick.

Why choose the HCG diet?

The HCG diet allows your body to burn fats and calories fast without undergoing weight loss surgery. It is also a safe weight loss aid because it is natural. It releases between 1,500 and 4,000 calories a day into your bloodstream which makes you stay satisfied even if you are just loading 500 calories per day. The diet hormone will reset your metabolism and burns stubborn fats without touching your muscle mass. The HCG will burn the unreached stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body which is not burned by your past weight loss program.

Things that you may experience during the P1 of the HCG diet

  • There will be hunger– This is a natural response of your body as it starts the work of metabolism. Hunger is possible during the loading days and even the first week of the VLCD. It is because your body is still getting used to the new eating style. The hunger during the loading days is maybe because of the effect of the food you eat. You can eat any food or any amount of food when you get hungry during the loading days.
  • You may experience several changes– phase 1 is when you start your HCG shot. During this phase, you may feel bloated or being filled. There will be also changed inside your body as the HCG starts in resetting your metabolism. It targets a certain region in your brain that is responsible for digestion and metabolism. Don’t forget to drink an adequate amount of water to stay full. It also allows your body to start washing out toxins.
  • Your appetite will slowly suppress- there will be changes in your appetite especially on the last day of the loading phase. This is because of the effect of the HCG in your body. It suppresses your appetite and prepares fully for the rapid fat burning.

Things you must do to get through P1 of the HCG diet

#1- Slowly cut down carbs and sugar in your diet

Carbs and sugar are still allowed during the loading days. However, you must cut it down slowly to avoid the constant occurrence of hunger during the P2. Carbs and sugar are the main cause of why you gain weight. Avoid the foods that are filled with sugar or cabs such as pasta. Start introducing healthy food choices. You can also eat healthy fats during your loading days.

#2- Stay active

This means that you have to maintain your light physical activities. This helps keep your bone and muscle health. Physical activities will also lower your stress levels. It may not help in weight loss or burning your body fats but it keeps your body healthy as well as your heart. You have just to make sure that you are not tired or hungry when you perform light exercises and other physical activities.

#3- Consult a doctor

This is done before you will start your weight loss. The purpose of this is to assess your body to be able to know if you have existing diseases or you are ready for weight loss. Allow your doctor to help you determine your BMI and help you set your weight loss goal.

Get familiar with the protocol during the P1of the HCG diet

The loading phase is the best time to prepare and study the diet protocol. You have to be familiar with the protocol as early a possible to avoid complications for the rest of the HCG diet stage. You have t be familiar with the food list and other requirements, especially for VLCD. If you are familiar with the protocol there will be less possibility of failing during the entire process.

You cannot extend the loading phase if it is not necessary. It is only allowed for 2 days to be able to prepare your body for fat burning. However, if you feel unsatisfied and hungry on the third morning you are allowed to do another day of loading. The goal of loading is to eat as many fatty foods as you can for a purpose. Do not extend another day of loading if you just want to indulge in unhealthy foods because it will sabotage your weight loss.

Purchase your HCG diet kit and grocery on or before P1

Make sure that you purchased the exact kit for your diet duration. The duration of your weight loss depends on your weight loss goal. See to it that the HCG is not contaminated or discolored before using it. Have your HCG shot on the first day of your loading days. You also need to purchase your foods ahead of time to save energy and avoid food temptations. Make it before or during the loading

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