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Get the leanest type of meat to cook for your HCG diet meal. Get a good choice and a good size for each meat portion. You meat recipe must base in the cooking guidelines for your HCG diet. You have to be careful with fats especially if you are on your P2. This is because P2 requires a limited amount of calorie per day.

Purchasing meat for the HCG diet

Choose the best kind of meat. The leaner, the better, make sure that you weigh your meat choice. This is for the purpose of proper food portioning and calorie control. Do not purchase meat patties because it is already processed. Purchase organic and fresh meat products because they are free from chemicals that will delay your weight loss.

The benefits of lean meat for the HCG diet

Lean meat is a good source of protein and it has low-fat content. It is also low in calorie and will help in your weight loss. Lean meat will keep the integrity of your muscle during your HCG diet. Lean meat also boosts the iron in your blood and aids in the production of your red blood cells.

What are the allowed meats during the HCG diet?

  • Chicken breast– Chicken breast is the best source of low-fat protein. It contributes to your muscle growth and development. It is also good for your heart health and it can boost your metabolism. Chicken meat also boosts the serotonin amino acid in your brain and enhances your mood. This is one way of avoiding stress and its effect during your weight loss.
  • Crabmeat– This is low in fats and high in omega-3 that protects you from heart disease. Crabmeat also promotes bone health and eliminates inflammation. It balances your cholesterol levels and it boosts your immunity as well. Crabmeat also speeds the release of toxins and the burned fats out of your body. It can also improve your overall metabolic efficiency.
  • Beef- beef meat is known for the steak day of HCG diet. This is good in building your muscle and repairing your body tissues. It will also give strength for your overall being and it promotes the production of your red blood cells.
  • Fish meat- Fish is one of the healthiest food choices on the planet. It is loaded with vitamins and a great source of omega-3. These are important in maintaining your body and brain health during your HCG diet. It is high in protein and is very low in fat.
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