Starting around 2 of the HCG diet requires commitment. Starting a diet on a whim might work but it is best if you are prepared. You have to prepare yourself for further changes and greater weight loss. The best tip in doing a weight loss process must start in your mind. It is about incorporating changes in your life that would make a lifetime difference. The mind works for proper planning for the entire weight loss process. Setting your whole being ready for weight loss comes after setting your mind.

If you have failed in the past result or you may not be satisfied, you can always try again. HCG diet works effectively as how it works in your first try. You must learn from your past experiences and stop blaming yourself. If you haven’t done many efforts in the first try, you can still make it again. You have to be more strategic during this time. This will help you avoid willpower pitfalls.

What will you do while waiting for the second round of the HCG diet?

  • Continue eating healthy during the break

Before starting the next round you must continue loading healthy food choices. Continue to practice the eating pattern that you have established during P2 and P3. This includes eliminating unhealthy food choices such as process foods. Eliminate sugar, complex starches, simple sugar and minimize grains during your break. Avoid various food temptations that would slip you back to your old lifestyle. Loading unhealthy foods will make it hard for you to transition back to weight loss.

  • Meet with a medical doctor

Before starting a second round of the diet you need to visit a doctor. Your doctor will give you a go signal to pursue for the second round or wait longer. This is somehow a less detailed physical checkup. This is to make sure that you have enough body fats to shed or you are physically ready to lose weight. Doctor’s consultation will give you a peace of mind while doing again the HCG diet.

  • Get more active

Exercise or getting active is important during your break. It is usually in a minimum 3 week period. It is the time that you will prepare everything you needed physically for the entire duration. Your body gets more benefit when you exercise regularly to offset the impact of any unhealthy foods. Your exercise routine will help burn extra calories from the unhealthy foods you eat during your break. Your exercise plan does not have to be extensive but it must at least be always consistent. This is to ensure proper metabolic function even in the absence of the diet hormones.

  • Go through a loading phase

You need to go through a loading phase again for the first three days. Do not skip this because it helps in preparing your fat stores. It involves eating any foods as you can. Focus on naturally fatty foods or the foods that are loaded with fat. This is to help in increasing the fat reserves in preparation for the HCG diet. Spend time to review your diet protocol. Get reacquainted with the things needed to lose weight. This is also a great time to stop using lotions and other oil-based cosmetic products.

The VLCD during round 2 of the HCG diet

The caloric requirements during the VLCD are the same as the requirements during the first round. Mild hunger is also common during this part but it will be gone soon. Start to load on healthy foods with the exact portion. Do not worry about hunger because the HCG helps in curbing hunger. It also targets your brain and reset your metabolic rate for faster fat burning.

During phase 2 you have to know about hunger. This is because not all hunger needs food. There are also pangs of hunger that are just a product of your emotions. This kind of hunger will cause you to load on unhealthy foods. Make sure to only respond to physical hunger. Eating in response to emotional hunger will ruin your weight loss. It takes you off from your diet track and will cause weight gain.

VLCD will help in detoxifying your body

If you haven’t done the cleansing previously, the second round will help you. It helps in detoxifying your body from unhealthy food chemicals. It gives your body a break from receiving unhealthy food chemicals. You have to stay away from sugar, starch, oil, food preservatives, and even food coloring. Drinking more water will help in detoxification. You can also promote detoxification by loading whole foods such as fruits. Make the smart choice to get healthy and even lose more weight.

Starting the second round of the HCG diet

  • Set realistic weight loss goal- The realistic weight loss goal is the achievable goal. This is not just a number but it must be reached. You can set small goals and reach slowly each week. In setting a weight loss goal you have to figure out your body weight. Then figure out the needed fat to be burned. You also have to create a meal plan that is fitted on your weight loss goal.
  • Motivate yourself and commit to finishing the process- Self-motivation will help you get back to your diet track. You can also use your weight loss goal as motivation to succeed. Commit to making it until you reach your desired goal. The stronger your motivation is, the more likely you will reach your weight loss goal. Finish the weight loss process by carefully following the HCG diet protocol. The diet protocol will serve as your guide to finish your weight loss process.
  • Be accountable for the result– The result of your weight loss does not depend on the time you do your diet. It all depends on your lifestyle as well as eating style. You have to be accountable for your weight loss result. This is because you are the one who is doing the weight loss process. Be careful with your habits and lifestyle because it affects your weight loss.
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