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Many dieters often ask what if they miss the injection. This is a very question in the HCG diet. It is always a big challenge to remember the injection. Having the HCG injection is a big challenge especially if you are not used to it. Sometimes we messed up with it, right? Are they going to restart the diet? The first thing you would do is to stay calm. Restarting the diet is not required. This is because the HCG hormones stay in the body for the duration of three days. It means that there are still HCG hormones that are running the body.

The HCG that is circulating in the body will still help in weight loss. Take the injection as soon as you remember. Make sure that you do not double the dose in a day. But, it is better to hold on until the next morning will come. There is no such thing as HCG overdose. If you accidentally double the dose, do not panic. This is not harmful. However, there is always what we call as “exact amount”.  The HCG hormone works best in appetite suppressant if it is taken at the right dose.

Things to consider in avoiding a missed dose

  • Wake up early- As you wake up, weight yourself right away. Write your daily weight track in the diet journal. Take the HCG injection right after you weigh yourself. Make this as your early morning routine. There is a big vacant time to think early in the morning. This is the best time to do your HCG diet rituals. It is because you are still not loaded with your hectic schedule.
  • Set a reminder in your phone or computer- This is a good tip for the busy people. Set an alarm that will “Beep your up” to take the injection. Make sure to take the injection the same time each day. It will help you avoid missing a dose.
  • Keep a chart near the scale- Have a tracking record near the weighing scale. This will help you be reminded to take the injection. Create a record the date and time of your last HCG shot. See to it that the HCG kits are just seen in the room. Do not hide it away.

Take action if you still missed a dose. Do not let it happen over and over again. This will cause an inconsistent fat burning. This is caused by the improper dosage of HCG injections.

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