The HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural hormone. This is used in treating infertility. This is also used today as a treatment for overweight and obese patients. This is a weight loss aid that is used in rapid weight loss. It will help in shedding those stubborn extra fats in the body. Aside from having the HCG diet injection, you also have to eat healthily. While following the HCG diet, you have to accompany your meals with vegetables and other organic products. However, there are certain kinds of veggies that you are not allowed to eat. These are the kinds of veggies that are high in carbs.

Here are some additional choices for vegetables

Baby spinach- these are a type of a green leafy vegetable that grows just anywhere. One serving of leafy green vegetable is loaded with fibers. It has low-calorie content that is best for the digestion. You can also serve chard, chicory, lettuce and beet greens. These are the best veggies that help in the weight loss process. You can have these kinds of veggies in your HCG diet meal. Make sure that you are constantly checking the calories you are eating. Observe proper meal portion and control to avoid slip off. There are a lot more green leafy veggies that will help in the success of the diet. The most important thing is to maintain the discipline towards eating.

There are non-starchy vegetables that will help you stick on the diet. You can have celery, fennel, red radishes, and tomatoes. Do not forget to include asparagus too. The calorie content of these vegetables is just low. Each cup of these kinds of veggies has a maximum of 25 calories. Do not add extra fats in your diet. As much as possible you have to stick on roasting or steaming the veggies. This is a healthy way of cooking because you will get all the nutrients. You can add flavoring in your veggies. You can use lemon as your ingredients to add flavor in the vegetables. You can use a non-stick cooking spray in a minimal amount. Instead of using too many dressings you can just squeeze a lemon juice on it. The HCG diet allows one serving of HCG vegetables per meal. You have to get the same meal portion and serving for lunch and dinner. This will help in balancing the diet. It is important to have fresh kinds of veggies for the diet.

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