Eating organic food products during the HCG diet is made easier than you think. It will cost you less than purchasing processed foods. Eating organic food has a lot of benefits. It helps your body regardless of if you are doing the HCG diet or not. These products will give you full assurance that it does not contain too many pesticides and hormones. You can also grow your garden for you to have an instant source of fresh food products.

Eating organic foods will approximately let you absorb at least 50% of the nutrients. These are the nutrients that are needed by your body to perform activities. It has a higher level of vitamins and minerals than non-organic foods. These food products are also often fresher than any other food products. This is because it does not contain any growth hormones, preservatives, and other ingredients.

HCG diet only allows you to eat healthy food choices. These are the foods that are organically raised. You may load on lean meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Lean meat and other fresh products have important properties such as amino acids. The vegetable and fruit choices provide fiber and other important vitamins and minerals. It keeps you from having weight-related diseases. It helps you lose and stabilize your weight.

Benefits you can get from organic food during the HCG diet

Organic products have more nutrients than common food products sold in the market. It is free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides and preservatives. Organic products can also supply direct nutrients to your body during weight loss. The nutrients from organic food products will also help in maintaining your health. It will cleanse your body from food chemicals that may cause diseases or death. This is also beneficial in increasing your vitality and lie span.

The things you must avoid while eating organic during the HCG diet

  • Pesticides- These are the chemical substance that is sprayed to destroy pests in plants. This is generally called as plant protection products. It has grave effects on your health. This is because it may lead to the development of diseases.
  • Growth Hormones- These are the hormone that promotes growth in livestock and other agricultural products. It may help in growing plants and animals but it may put your health at risk. Growth hormones are linked to triggering diseases such as cancer. It can also decrease your life expectancy.
  • Antibiotics- This is used to help your livestock be treated against bacterial infections. It works by killing and stopping the work of harmful bacteria. However, these may also affect the credibility of the meat. Choose to have the organically raised animals if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Genetically Modified organism- These are food products or organism that are modified in the laboratory. The genetic material of these products has been manipulated by science. Opt to have the naturally grown products in the market or you can also grow your garden.

Things you can get from organic loading during the HCG diet

  • It corrects health deficiencies

Lean and organic meats are the best source of protein. It helps in blood sugar stabilization. It also keeps your blood cell healthy for the entire weight loss process. It is also responsible for the function of your body system, especially during weight loss. Organic food products during the HCG diet treat iron deficiency. Focus on counting calories and maintaining proper food portion during the HCG diet.

  • It maintains your cardiovascular health

Food choices such as white fish are widely known as a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in maintaining cardiovascular health. This food choice helps in controlling your blood pressure. It can also control your cholesterol level in your body or blood.

  • The foods are packed with nutrients and fights against diseases

The fruits allowed during the HCG diet have a great amount of fiber. This nutrient helps in promoting healthy digestion. It can also increase and promote the work of the good bacteria in your digestive tract. Healthy digestion helps in fat burning. The fruit choices during the HCG diet will also help you fight against cancer. Thus, prevents kidney damage.

  • It promotes metabolism and fights other illnesses

The vegetable choices such as spinach and lettuce are rich in antioxidants. The vegetable choices during the HCG diet are widely known as the richest food. It contains minerals and vitamins that fight against cancer. Lettuce fights illnesses and promotes a high rate of metabolism. Vegetables can also clean your blood and blood vessels. Thus, promotes proper flow of nutrients in various parts of your body. The green leafy vegetables are also capable of lowering your risk from stroke and heart attack.

Superfoods that helps for faster weight loss on the HCG diet

  • Spinach- It has high fiber helps in weight loss. This is loaded with nutrients and diseases fighting properties. It takes off diseases that are caused by weight gain. Spinach is a low-calorie vegetable which fits best for the HCG diet. This is also widely known as cancer-fighting foods.
  • Broccoli- This vegetable helps in forming your bones and tissues. It is also rich in vitamin K, C, and other various nutrients. Broccoli can heal inflammation and fights against free radicals. The high fiber content of broccoli is also filling and will keep you full longer. It has also a high level of antioxidants.
  • All cuts of lean chicken, beef and pork meat- Lean meat are rich in protein and curb your hunger and cravings. Lean meat is an excellent source of low-fat protein. You have to maintain proper control of calories and food portion, especially on meat choices. Weigh the meat before cooking and make sure you have taken off the visible fats on it.
  • Oranges- It helps in maintaining healthy skin during your weight loss process. Orange is one of the easy to grab HCG snack. Oranges are rich in vitamin C which is a potent aid to deal with inflammation. You can bring an orange with you wherever you go. This will help you have something to grab right away during physical hunger.
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