HCG Phase


Phase 3 of your HCG diet is also known as the stabilization phase. It is when you have to balance the achieved weight from your phase 2 or VLCD. You can start doing phase 3 as soon as you reach the weight that you aim. The stabilization phase is when you will slowly increase your intake of calories and add more kinds of food on your diet.

How many calories do you need on your phase 3 of the HCG diet?

Aim to have at least 1,000 to 1,200 calories each day. Load more on phase 3 foods that are on your food list. See to it that you do not eat too many calories to avoid weight gain. Do not load fewer calories because it can cause starvation mode and imbalance of your metabolism. Watch out for the intake of calories during phase 3 to avoid weight gain.

Effective tips for Phase 3 of HCG diet

  • Do not load on sugar and carbs– Loading of carbs and sugar on P3 is a mistake. It will cause you to gain weight immediately. Adding more food choices on your diet does not mean that you have to add carbs and sugar on it.
  • Load on more food choices slowly– The foods that you will be adding back are alien to your body. You have to load it slowly so that your body can have time to process it.
  • Do not overeat as if you are doing your phase 1– Stabilization phase is different from your loading phase. You will be adding more food choices but, you are not allowed to load too much.
  • Track your weight every day- Loading more food choices is somehow a tough thing you must do. That is why you have to track your weight so that you will be aware in case you gain or stalled.
  • Introduce dairy products one at a time– Your body is still sensitive to this kind of food because you have been avoiding them during your VLCD. Introducing them slowly will give your body a time to adjust.
  • You can do Steak day if needed– A steak day is done in case you go 2lbs than your last weigh in. Steak day is an immediate action you can do to correct weight gain.

Your goal in phase 3 is to stabilize the weight loss that you have reached. It is the most exciting and rewarding part of your HCG diet. However, you have to be careful about loading because your body is still adjusting from the VLCD. You also have to aim an exact number of calories that you have to maintain in every meal setting.

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