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Refined carbohydrates and sugar have nothing to give on your health. White bread, pasta, pizza, sweet desserts are not allowed in the HCG diet. This is because these food items are the number one contributor to weight gain. These food items will be digested quickly and produce a high level of sugar. These will eventually build-up fats in different parts of your body.

How does it affect your body during the HCG diet?

Refined carbs and sugar will flow in your bloodstream and raises the level of sugar. This will make you feel hungry during your HCG diet. Refined carbs and sugar will also trigger your cravings at all times. It can also cause you to overeat and will add your weight fast. High carbs and sugar intake are the main cause of diseases such as high cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levels. 

You have to stop your intake of sugar and carbs during the HCG diet. This is because it will result in a slower metabolism and fast build-up of fats. Choose the right kind of carb if you are on the maintenance phase of the HCG diet.

How to avoid the intake of refined carbs and sugar on the HCG diet?

  • Always check the food labels

You have to be aware of purchasing food items especially if you are doing the VLCD. Check the food labels and make sure that there is no sugar or carbohydrates on your food. Checking food labels will also keep you out from the intake of food chemicals. Choose organic products for safer and faster weight loss.

  • Choose HCG fruits to satisfy hunger

The HCG diet fruits are the common substitute for your usual snacks. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It has a natural flavor that would help you in dealing with your cravings without any guilt. You can have two fruit servings per day during your HCG diet. However, you are not allowed to buy dried fruits because it has high sugar content.

  • Choose food items from the HCG diet food list

Preparing food on during the HCG diet will be easier if you follow the food list. The foods in the HCG diet are carefully chosen for your weight loss and health maintenance. Always refer to your HCG diet food list especially if you are maintaining the HCG shots. The HCG always works on your body as long as you do not load on unhealthy foods.

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