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Gaining weight is very easy and fast but losing it is very hard. You can easily gain weight in a single day but you cannot lose weight as fast as how you gain it. That is why the HCG diet is created to help you in losing weight faster. You can always get back on your diet track. Reversing your weight gain needs proper planning and preparation. It includes shifting into a new lifestyle and habits for faster weight loss.

Counter your weight gain on the HCG diet

  • Go back to your diet track

To reverse your weight gain, you have to do something after you gain weight. You can do the apple or steak day. These are the main step that can help you get back to your weight-loss track. You can spend a lot of time eating healthy foods to continue weight loss.

  • Get rid of the liquid calories

Lowering your intake of calories is needed to shed more pounds. You have to follow the protocol of the HCG diet, especially on the VLCD. Stop drinking anything that has liquid calories such as fruit drinks, soda, alcoholic beverages, etc. Drink more water or unsweetened tea and coffee. This can help you in taking off excess calories in your body. Taking off liquid calories will eventually counter the weight gain.

  • Add an exercise routine during your HCG diet

Get started in reversing your weight gain by having a light exercise routine. Exercise will help you shed extra calories. It can help you transition back to your diet. You can do light exercises for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This can help in boosting metabolism. Exercise as well helps maintain your heart health.

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking water is a way of taking off unhealthy calories out of your body. Water can help in controlling your appetite and it keeps you stay full. Water can also help in dealing with water retention that causes you to gain weight. Drink adequate amount of water to avoid snacking too much.

  • Lower your portion sizes

Control your food portion in each meal setting. Controlling the food portion will help you cut down your intake of calories. Measure and weigh your food before cooking. In this way, you can easily counter your weight gain. Make sure that you are consuming the exact amount of calories per day during your HCG diet. Portion control also helps you stay away from carbs, sugar and unhealthy food choices.

  • Avoid late-night snacking

Snacking in at night time will add more weight. This is because the foods you are eating will not be digested right away. Late-night snacking can trigger your blood sugar level to rise. This will eventually cause your body to store stubborn fats.

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