HCG Phase


This is a phase that you need to be extra careful. Be aware of the things that you are doing. You must be aware of the things that would make you gain weight. Follow the strategies that would help in improving success. This requires focus because any slip may cause weight gain. VLCD has fewer calories than what you used to have. This is done with the permission of the healthcare professional.

Proper strategy and sticking to the protocol will help in avoiding weight gain. This can help maintain the weight that you have loose. Transitioning Phase takes a lot of preparation. You should be careful about the food choices that you have. Allow the body to get used to calorie counting. Develop your own technique on how to eat properly. Understand why we need to lose weight to have a healthy lifestyle.

In this phase, you have to know if how many calories you are comfortable. Add foods slowly in the body. You can add soft foods first. This is the part where you will slowly increase the intake of food in the body. However, you are not allowed to eat sugar and carbs yet. This is because the stomach and digestive system are still resetting from the VLCD. Load up slowly the foods that are new again to the body. Your body is still in the adjustment period. Do not introduce processed foods and fatty meats yet.

Make exercise as part of your transition. You can add an additional 10 minutes in your daily light exercise. A light exercise can contribute a lot in supporting weight loss. You will undergo changes in the body as well as appearance. Follow the protocol to avoid diet mistakes.

Eat more meals per day

The 500 calorie diet is now finishing. Now you can start to eat more calories each day. This means that you can eat more meals. This will help the body in feeling full. It will also help the body to adjust in digesting more amounts of foods. You can have solid breakfast. This is the big difference between the meal plans of Phase 2. Load ore on protein and healthy fats. Take note: Phase 3 is far more different than the Phase 1 of the HCG diet. Be careful with high fat of the meat content. You can have healthy fats from the nuts or olive oils. Stevia will still be your sweetener. You can add up carbs and sugar sooner when the transition is done.

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