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Snacking is not deprived of the HCG diet. However, you have to be careful about your snack choices. Healthy snacks will wipe out the effect of the unhealthy foods on your body. Snacking unhealthy foods are the main contributor to weight gain. That is why you have to stop loading unhealthy foods for your meal or even on your snack time. Unhealthy foods are the number one cause of obesity and it has negative effects on your body.

Unhealthy snacks such as junk foods are the easy-to-grab snacks when you get hungry. These are the foods that you can easily have but causes various side effects on your body. HCG diet will help you be a responsible eater. It can help you be effective especially on snacking. You can have various healthy snacks on the food list of the HCG diet. Always remember that you have to be very careful on the intake of foods especially on the calories.

Healthy foods for snacking on the HCG diet

  • Apples- One of the best snacks you can have is an apple. It has too much fiber and it is very low in calorie. That is why it fits in your very low-calorie diet. Apples are also good for your brain health. It also has antioxidants that are shown to lower inflammation. Apples can also reduce oxidation damage in your body.
  • Cabbage- This can be a snack salad during the VLCD. Cabbage is rich in fiber and it is very filling. It can also help normalize your blood pressure and sugar levels. It has compounds that increase the production of insulin. It is also packed with vitamin C and K. Cabbage can lower your cholesterol levels and it can improve digestion.
  • Cauliflower- it is rich in vitamins and minerals. This can also improve your brain health, especially in your cognitive function. Cauliflower helps in supporting your digestion during the very low-calorie diet. You can also have radish, turnips or Chinese cabbage as a substitute.
  • Almonds- This is proven to an excellent snack that is packed with minerals and vitamins. This is also packed with protein and fats. Almonds have a large amount of fiber in each serving. It can also lower your risk of developing diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Olives- It has fatty acids that lower your appetite. It can also regulate your blood sugar levels. Olives help your digestion and your brain that sends a signal when you are full. Olives help in maintaining your cardiovascular health. This can also lower your intake of calories.
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